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Painted by Miss Jessie MacGregor
(Great Britain)
Etched by Eugene-Andre Champollion
Tissue Guard

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""Miss MacGregor is a frequent exhibitor at the Royal Academy and a genre painter whose subjects are generally single female figures, like this, under the stress of strong emotion. To eke out her little story she usually puts an historical costume on her model, and an historical title to her picture, as in the R. A. exhibition this year where her young girl, seated at the spinning wheel, clasps her hands in transport over this line from the "Times," in the account of the battle of Trafalgar, which she hears read in the adjoining apartment: 'Officers killed and wounded on board the 'Ajax', none.' Sometimes this little incident is Scriptural, as in her "Jepthal" of the R. A. exhibition of 1889, and sometimes it is just pretty and affecting, as in this of the young mother of the terrible times of Robespierre. This picture is lent to the Exhibition by the Corporation of Liverpool.""

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