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  ON THE SOUTH LAGOON - The engraving, beside giving a study of the four-oared swan-beaked gondola (there were usually but two oarsmen to each boat) depicts the eastern termination of the South Screen or Colonnade, and the western facade of the Agricultural Building. We barely see the circular base of the obelisk and lion-fountain which accentuated this region, and besides looking though the columns on the Live Stock Amphitheatre, may note garlanded Corinthian pillars at the end of the Colonnade and their rich effect, as if decked for a triumph. It was from the Colonnade that colored lights were thrown on the MacMonnies' Fountain. The Agricultural Building may be profitably observed. Here was a Corinthian porch, "Pilio" Pediment and Ceres bas-relief, with mural painting. Between the arches may be seen two of the sixty Zodiacs, holding their signs. Under the upper cornice are two of the sixty copies of Abundance, as caryatides. On the corner is one of four copies of the Four Races. Lower, at the left, is one of four copies of the Four Seasons; and further at the left are copies of the four groups each of a man with oxen, and a man with horses. All these were made under direction of Philip Martiny. At the water-side are two of E. C. Potter's bulls. The admirable manner in which exotic plants were grouped in corners, and otherwise placed, should be remarked.
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