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  GRAND LOGGIA OF MACHINERY HALL - This noble veranda was exposed to the view of all the assemblages for which the Administration plaza remains famous. Few persons looked upon its rich details - its grilled windows, paneled ceils, ornate door-casings, mural colors, Corinthian columns, fluted pilasters, balustrade, and its noble length, without feeling the inadequacy of time given for the proper appreciation of so much taste and labor. The possessor of this volume will behold good pictures of Machinery Hall at a distance, and will see that the structure possessed beauty and integrity. He will have views of the portals, pediments, spires and statuary, giving him opportunity for the study of elementary beauties. And now the engraving represents, without exaggeration, the aspect of grandeur which belonged locally to the Palace of the Mechanic Arts. No doubt time would have adopted the nobler name; for the blue and gold, the wealth of decoration, the vistas, the troops of angels hovering near, the companies of graces and muses that met all summer on the arches, added poetry to invention, and gave to the wheels and grunting iron arms within their meed of the spiritual that dwells in all the works of man. This loggia overlooked the parade-ground in front of the Terminal Station, and also the spot on which that envious ikon, the Troy Bell, was gradually and industriously made remarkable by having distinguished visitors pull its rope.
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