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  EASTERN PORTAL OF MACHINERY HALL - The engraving affords a detailed view of great value, which will prove the general excellence of this structure by showing a comparatively small elementary part. The architects, Messrs. Peabody and Stearns, of Boston, made a Palace of Mechanic Arts, and while the variety of its treatment would seem to preclude the possibility of a harmonious form, it was still true that the edifice remained unique, original, and beautiful in distant aspect. This portal was made in order to give accent to the ends of three rows of heavy iron arches, the central row being here hidden by the back wall of the fine Corinthian porch. Let the eye note the gondoloas in the South Canal; the horses by E. C. Potter, sculptor; the ascent of steps and the columns to the pediment; the eagles; the celebrated sculptural group called "Columbia," who is the central figure, enthroned, with Honor standing on her left, Genius receiving a reward, and Wealth pouring riches forth; at the ends of the pediment, lions held enmeshed by babes - all presenting a bold relief, rarely to be equaled. Above stands the row of heroic figures, each thirteen feet high; in the center, Science, with Air, Earth, Fire and Water, In the left cupola we see the chime of bells which was played so often and so discordantly. The treatment of the steeple is distinct, and finally we have the copper "Victory" on the apex, a remarkable achievement, which was permanently successful. The four "Victories" on the tall spires are by Robert Kraus, of Boston; the others are by M. A. Waagen.
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