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Adams, Herbert St. Agnes' Eve
Aublet, Albert "La Fete-Dieu"
Courtois, Gustave . Madame Gauthereau
Deville, Maurice Head of Young Girl
Fourie, Albert Spring
Gardner, Elizabeth Soup Bubbles
Gaujean, Eugene . Souvenirs (Recollections)
Gay, Walter . The Singing Lesson
Gerome, J. L. Pygmalion and Galatea
Korsukin, Alexis The Evening Before the Wedding
Kuznezoff, N. In the Garden
LeMaire, Madeleine . The Fall of the Leaves
LeRoy, Paul-Alex.-Alf. The Blind Men of Jericho
MacEwen, Walter The Absent One: All Soul's Day
Makovsky, Vladimir E. . The Gamblers' Quarrel
Makovsky, Vladimir E. . A Public Market in Moscow
Makovsky, Constantin . A Bacchanal
Malcezewski, J. . Death of an Exiled Woman
Marr, Carl The Flagellants
Marr, Carl Summer Afternoon
Moreau-Vautier, Aug-Jean . Florentine Head
Moreau De Tours, Georges . Carnot at Wattignies
Paris, Alfred . "En Deroute"
Pearce, Charles Sprague The Shepherdess
Pimonenko, N. Karlovitch Christmas Eve
Poland Art Gallery, Room 62
Priou, Louis Satyr at Bay
Repine, Ilya The Cossacks' Answer
Richard, Hortense . Painting on Ivory
Rochegrosse, G. The Booty
Rosset-Granger, Edouard Jetsam
Sargent, John S. Ellen Terry as "Lady MacBeth"
Sinibaldi, Paul A Daughter of the Rajahs
Stewart, Julius L. . The Hunt Ball
Stewart, Julius L. On the Yacht "Namouna"
Story, Julian Mlle. De Sombreuil
Tavernier, Paul "Sonnant La 'Sortie De L'Eau'"
Tchistiakoff, Paul The Grand Duchess Sophia
Thompson, Wordsworth The Deserted Inn
Toudouze, Edouard "La Berceuse"
Tvorojnikoff, Ivan I. Lay Brother, Seller of Images
Ulrich, Charles F. . An Italian Idyl
United States Art Gallery, Room 3
United States Art Gallery, Room 7
Volk, Douglas . A Puritan Girl
Weeks, Edwin Lord The Last Voyage
Zmurko, F. . A Lady in Fur
Zmurko, F. . Evening Song

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