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Painted by Ilya Repine

Etched by Xavier Le Sueur
Tissue Guard

  "This large painting, the property of the Czar, is the only representative in these galleries of one of the most characteristic and distinguished of the modern Russian artists, and the tendencies of this school may be seen in this work carried out to their legitimate ends with very great courage and technical skill. M. Repine, who is not yet fifty years of age, has been "Academist of Historical Painting" since 1876; but he does not always choose such tremendous themes as this for his vigorous and realistic rendering. No date is given for this incident; the artist has been concerned to represent with as much truthfulness as possible every shade of the huge and contemptuous merriment with which this answer to the Sultan's demands is penned. Some of these roars are truly colossal, and the vigor of the rendering is enhanced by the very large scale of the figures in the foreground."

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