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Painted by Gustave Courtois

Etched by Lucien Quarante
Tissue Guard
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"Among the many important portrait studies in the Fine Arts Department not one has been more discussed, nor is more remarkable, than this presentation of a well-known American Parisienne by Courtois. It might be said also that scarcely one is so beautiful in color. For, notwithstanding her strongly accentuated head, and the stately simplicity of her pose, Madame Gauthereau's beauty lies in the dazzling, slightly improbable, fairness of her skin and the rich auburn of her hair, to which the lustrous whiteness of her dress adds an admirable setting-off. All these blond tones are rendered by the painter with that brilliancy of technique which is so much more frequently found in Paris than in other cities. As if to demonstrate the range of his accomplishments, the painter supplements this "tour de force" with that serious study of a young girl on her death bed, which was, in some respects, his most noticeable exhibit at the Paris Exposition of 1889. The "Mme. Gauthereau" was painted two years later."

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