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Painted by Louis Priou

Etched by P.-S.-F. Teyssonieres
Tissue Guard

  "The goat-footed satyrs have furnished this painter with subjects ere this, and in this latest composition he has invented a new situation which can only be accepted as probable by crediting these shaggy monsters with much more amiability than classic lore would seem to warrant. Nothing could well be more good-natured than the patience with which this one submits to be ridden, tugged at and splashed, when by one vigorous effort he could whelm all his tormentors at once in the stream. But if he had done so, we should have lost an interesting glimpse of wood-life of fable. M. Priou, who only sends this one painting, is a native of Toulese, and was medaled in 1869 and again in 1874 with a first-class distinction."
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