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  A REMARKABLE PORTAL - "Have you seen that Golden Doorway?" was a question more often asked than any other by people, who, immediately after the opening of the Fair, were discussing its attractions. The impressiveness and importance of this elaborate conception of Architects Adler and Sullivan grew apace as time went on, until all eyes were turned toward the eastern facade of the Transportation Building as toward the rising sun. The Golden Doorway was so much admired, and its architectural details and traceries were so rich and intricate, that the above engraving, bringing clearly to view its rich geometrical effects, foliations, tablets and bas-reliefs, is thought to be well worth a place in this series. This engraving, with the one shown in former numbers, will afford the student of art and architecture a fine opportunity to carefully study a creation upon which so much time and thought and expense were lavished. The first of these engravings represent the entire portal; the second is devoted to the details of the lateral treatment, plainly showing the bas-relief which the Sculptor Boyle designed and executed for the work. The view before us discloses the details of the Doorway proper, with the quotations by Bacon and Macaulay, read by the millions of people while contemplating the gorgeous setting of the words, and thus it will be seen that a treatment of the subject, both in general and in detail, has been wisely afforded.
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