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  COSTA RICA'S BUILDING - This modest structure was erected by the generous Central American Republic on the east bank of the north pond, the same water which the Art Palace bounded on the north. Directly across, at a distance of more than one thousand feet, were the houses of Indiana, Wisconsin and Ohio. The main decoration of this Doric pavilion was the balustrade which protected the water-front. The edifice was one hundred and three feet long and sixty feet wide, and under the clere-story, which may be seen above, was fifty feet high. On the tympani of its portals the national shield of the Republic of Costa Rica was wrought with pleasing effect. The interior was finished as carefully as the exterior, and the crystal roof in the clere-story gave additional light to a brilliant scene, where thousands of the birds and animals of Central America were displayed for the admiration of lovers of nature in Northern lands. All of the exhibits of Costa Rica were shown in this one place, a privilege granted to but few of the nations. Coffee, coffee growing, and coffee curing were the principal attractions. The World's Columbian Exposition will be famous for the effort which the American Republics made to impress the value of their coffee on the world at large. Dye-stuffs were also shown in considerable quantity and variety. The Republic appropriated $50,000 for the Exposition, and $20,000 of the sum were expended on this building.
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