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  THE TEXAS BUILDING - This structure was the creation of J. Reily Gordon, architect, of San Antonio, Texas, and retains many of the Spanish and Moresque influences, but should be considered as lacking the botanical decorations which were an essential part of the architect's scheme. Thus viewed, its balconies must become interesting, whispering of the advance and retreat of the day, and the quiets and delights of a balmy climate. The Texas Building was very large, having a length of two hundred and fifty, and a width of eighty feet. The Legislature of Texas, at two different sessions, refused to make an appropriation, and it was only through the efforts of Texas women that the necessary sums of money were raised. Chief among these women was Mrs. Benedette B. Tobin, President of the State Board of Lady Managers. To her, C. P. Huntington and George Gould each sent checks for $5,000, and the Missouri, Kansas & Texas Railway Company gave $2,000. These generous contributions came at a decisive moment in the affairs of the enterprise and carried it to success. The statues of Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston, by William H. Huddle and Seymour Thomas, distinguished Texans, hung on the walls.
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