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  INDIANA'S BUILDING - Entering Jackson Park from the Midway Plaisance, and turning to the plaza at the north, the visitor found the scene to be bounded by the California, Indiana, Illinois and Woman's Buildings, with a pavilion called the Bureau of Public Comfort in the centre. The Indiana Building occupied a triangular site, and its remarkably spacious verandas fronted over 300 feet of thoroughfare. In this conspicuous place were gathered some of the most distinguished companies of men that the nation could boast, and very great multitudes assembled - notably at the dedication of the building, and again on Indiana Day, when ex-President Harrison, James Whitcomb Riley, General Lew Wallace, and the State officials were present. Many elegant receptions were held here, the halls being well adapted to large social gatherings. It would be difficult to name the architecture of this building - the Spanish, Arabesque, Gothic, and Queen Anne all seeming to contribute features. The site was 152 feet long and 52 feet wide at the rear, coming to the oval ending seen in the picture. The towers were 150 feet high. The first story was built of graystone; the upper two stories were sheathed with staff, a large hall ran from tower to tower. Some exhibits were shown - historical, literary, educational and artistic, and the Indiana commission faithfully aided by the patriotic women of the State, tarried the summer through and greatly influenced the welfare of the Exposition. Cost, $60,000.
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