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  A BEDOUIN ROMANCE - When the troupe of Syrian riders reached Chicago they were unable to obtain a place on Midway Plaisance, and opened at the old League Ball Park at Wentworth avenue and Thirty-fifth street; thence they removed to Garfield Park, on the western borders of the city. At last they landed safely in Midway.While they were at Wentworth avenue the school girls looked in upon the party, and young Nojep Faresse, noting the good looks of Miss Alice Ranney, threw his silken scarf about her neck. The Miss dashed it haughtily to the ground, but as Nojep declared she had smiled on him, and stood bravely by his opinion that she was pretty, the Miss came again and again, until Midway was agog with news of an engagement of marriage. The mother of the girl made no objection, and the young lady's portrait was thereupon printed in the daily press, with learned disquisitions on the Nedj. She learned to ride the camel and adopted the costume of the Syrians. The picture shows the pair during their courtship, when Miss Ranney seems to have added to the attractions of the exhibition. On the 9th of January, 1894, Nojep applied at Chicago for a license to marry his affianced bride. Marriage License Clerk Salmonsen refused the license on the ground that Nojep was but twenty years old, according to his count. But the bride's mother promptly accepted the office of guardian for her son-in-law-to-be, and the document was issued. The pair went to Syria.
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