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  THE GOLDEN DOORWAY OF THE TRANSPORTATION BUILDING - The position of this remarkable portal may be ascertained by reference to the picture of the Transportation Building itself, on another page of this volume, and in a study of these shining arches it is necessary to know that the structure which they adorn has been purposely made severe in aspect, in order that by contrast this central feature might gain the greater distinction. The architects of the building have called its vari-colored effects "Wagnerian," and we may accept their ideas so far as to name this entrance the wedding-march of a "Lohengrin" - in other words, an unquestionably beautiful feature in an ensemble that is purposely devoid of entertainment and delight. It may be inferred that the architects, in producing these rich geometrical effects, were inspired by Wagner's music. But whether there be or be not any practical relation between music and decoration, the people gave the seal of approval to the "Golden Doorway " - which was rather silvern than golden - and Wagnerians who spoke in riddles, and the masses, who used shorter words, alike admired and praised the work. In its essence it is Asian, relieved by the beautiful tablets, or bas reliefs of John J. Boyle, the sculptor, which give, on either side, a touch of free art to the circles and foliations of the Orient. Quotations from Bacon and Macauly are inscribed over the doorway. The gilding was done experimentally, and occupied many months, with prodigious expense.
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