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  FAMOUS SCULPTURE FROM CATHEDRAL OF NOTRE DAME - In the Trocadero collection of casts, in the east court of the main structure of the Art Palace, was the typanum of the west portal of Notre Dame, as portrayed in our engraving, in the principal exhibit. This represents sculpture of the early part of the thirteenth century. The tympanum is divided into three stages. Over the lintel three prophets on one side unroll a long scroll; on the other side three kings sit, sceptre in hand. In the center is a reliquary, guarding a small statue of the Blessed Virgin. The second stage enacts the entombment of the Blessed Virgin. At each end of the bier an angel holds the shroud in which she lies, while over her form the Saviour inclines, pronouncing a blessing. Behind him range the Twelve Apostles, some of them seated at the ends. The artistic posing of this group is very good. At the summit is represented the scene of the coronation of the Blessed Virgin, who is seated before the Saviour. From above an angel reaches down with a crown, while on each side a heavenly acolyte bears a holy taper to light the sacred drama. These figures are all statues, executed in detached form. The cast of an original hinge of wrought iron, seven feet in length, made in the thirteenth century, was also exhibited at this portal. It came from a door in the west front of the celebrated cathedral.
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