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  THE OBELISK - In the water-scheme of the Exposition it was probably expected that there must be four end-pieces, the Peristyle and the Administration Building, and the Art Palace and the Southern Colonnade, which is before us in the engraving. The interposition of the Illinois Building veiled the classic Art Palace, but the other features were pronounced. In front of the "Peristyle" arch was French's Statue of The Republic. In front of the Administration Building was the MacMonnies' Fountain. In front of the Southern Portal was the Obelisk and Lion Fountain. In the days of propaganda when the World's Fair was a set of lithographs, one of the pictures sent into the world was called Machinery Hall, and gave a view of the same Obelisk and Colonnade. It was supposed that the beauties of that scene were drawn from the inexhaustible source of the human imagination, and that the reality would make a sorry relative display, but recourse to those lithographs as they hang in hotel corridors today, will demonstrate the paucity of early advertisements of the Fair. They were lame and impotent to show the wealth of ornament that at last settled in their palatial alcove, where the sculpture of Martiny, French, the Potters, Waagen and Kemeys abound, and even Corinthian architecture was enriched with successful additions. The groups on the Southern Portal were particularly beautiful.
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