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  MAKING THE ANGELS - It may interest the visitor to the Fair, who gazed aloft on the angels that sat at each corner of the Administration heights, to look, as it were, into the secrets of the Forestry Building, early in 1892, where under forms of great exclusiveness - only persons of influence being admitted - the sculptors labored upon their huge tasks in iron, wood and plaster. Mr. Karl Bitter, the manager, had in his employ the sculptors Carl Biel, W. Anton, Wuertz, Max Mauch, P. Wiehle, J. A. Blankenship, Gustavus Gerlach and E. Saille, and these made all the figures on the Administration Building. Although these groups did not appear to be large when stationed under the dome of the noble edifice which they ornamented, their true proportions may be gained by contrast with the sculptors who stand beside their work. The barrels of staff may be seen, and on the right, under the boy's right arm, the curious reader may catch a sight of the model from which these men are now working. The figure will be called Industry. The one on the left will be called Art. There were no less than twenty of these heroic groups on the two stages of the Administration - twelve below and eight at the base of the dome. "The leading motive of these groups," said Mr. Bitter, writing from New York, his home, "was to display a most charming interruption to the architectural masses." On their lofty thrones these angels appeared no larger than the sculptors in the pictures.
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