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  NIGHT ON GRAND BASIN - Our engraving forms an appropriate complement to the series of World's Fair views to which these pages have been devoted. From out of the darkened canopy the myriad stars shine forth in glory upon a scene of majestic beauty. The suggestion comes home to the onlooker that, as night overtakes the day and blots out the light and sunshine, so will the leveling hand of destruction fall upon the gorgeous palaces and lay them low. Already the elements have been at work. The stately structures are in constant menance, and in a space of time, all too brief, the Court of Honor, round which the nobel structures stand in stately guard, will, so far as its present form and semblance are concerned, mingle with the elements and join the things that were. But with the inevitable feeling of regret that this must come to pass, there is also compensation in the thought that the deft processes of a wonderful art, supplemented by written words, can make all live again. It cannot then be deemed an idle task to have devoted these pages to so high an object, inasmuch as they form, for all time, a pictorial and descriptive record for all the best and most worthy features of the greatest civic event in the world's history - an event organized, developed and carried out with an intelligence, enthusiasm and steadfastness of purpose which has been, and will always continue to be, the wonder and admiration of the nations of Christendom.
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