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  THE COURT OF HONOR - This splendid scene, the triumph of the Columbian year, has evoked unfeigned praise from the very heart of civilization. Whether we look upon this spectacle by day, under a blue sky that is clarified by the refliection of the limpid waters of Lake Michigan; or by night, when fretted with fires that out-spangle the vault of heaven, with flying fountains bathed in floods of rainbow lights, and overlooking domes bejeweled with glittering crowns, and waters resounding with choral song or echoing the soft splash of Venetian oars - we feel that the dream of hope has come true. The victory of Art and Soul over the moods of tempestuous Nature is bulletined on every architrave and joyously proclaimed from the mouths and the trumps of a thousand heroes and angels. Nowhere else in the modern world have the skill and genius of sculptor and architect been so prodigally bestowed. The Court of Honor is itself a fabulous fountain, curbed with high palaces and colonnaded, on whose fronts are marshaled the army of Art's kingdom. Along these friezes, pediments, facades, springing with every arch, sitting high on every column, holding office at each portal, may be seen some memorable groups that came from the sculptor's brain in obedience to the confident call of a glorious nation that was to invite the Elder Hemisphere to its august festival. Brooched on the bosom of the scene is the MacMonnies' Fountain, which cost $50,000, and was made in Paris. On the right is the Agricultural Building, remarkable for the wealth and beauty of the sculptor Martiny's statuary - his Zodiacs and bovine groups, his Four Races, bearing their armillary spheres. In the Basin towers the golden statue of the Republic, sixty feet high, by Daniel C. French. In the distance is the Peristyle, so-called, and on the left the mountainous Manufactures Building , the largest structure so far erected within historical times.
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