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  NORTH PORTICO OF THE AGRICULTURAL BUILDING - While the general effect of the Agricultural Building was doubtless the riches in adornment and most symmetrical in form of any modern construction which the world has seen, its central portico did not perhaps equal in beauty the vestibules of Machinery Hall. We may here study the ornamental porch (sixty feet wide), whose stairway led down to the waters of the Grand Basin. The Corinthian columns are five feet in diameter and forty feet high. Behind these are the Pompeian mural paintings of George W. Maynard, of New York. Finishing this classic porch is a pediment on whose tympanum the sculptor, Larkin C. Mead, of Florence, Italy, modeled Ceres in the centre with Cybele drawn by lion's cubs on the left, and King Triptolemus drawn by winged dragons on the right, going forth to teach agriculture to the earth. The statuary of Philip Martiny next comes into consideration, and we here note that the now celebrated sculptor placed but a tithe of his statuary hereabouts. He seats his two groups of Ceres on the abutments, and ranges ten of his abundant caryatides under the cornice. Three winged figures further decorate the pediment, only one being in position in the picture. Rising to the superstructure, we have the unclassical array of turkey-cocks, and on the expansive dome there revolves the slight brazen Diana of St. Gaudens, from the Madison Square Garden in New York.
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