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  PANORAMA OF STATE BUILDINGS- The pond here seen is the original water of Jackson Park, which existed before the harbor at Victoria House was made, or the Art Palace pond was excavated. On the site of the Washington State Building, which may be identified by the flag and tall staff, all the old-time Saturday concerts of Jackson Park were given; and for years they were an institution of the city, calling down Michigan and Prairie Avenues the richest pageant of Chicago's equipages. The bridge across the pond is at Fifty-seventh street, and at the right foreground the Esquimaux had their settlement. A kyak, or canoe, is in sight. At the end of the pond in the distance, the huge Jesuitic architecture of California Building comes in view, and further on, in the extreme perspective, the eye detects an object which gives a melancholy interest to this notable picture. It is the fatal tower and chimney of the Cold Storage Warehouse. This was a fine construction surrounding a sheet-iron smoke stack, and the iron may be seen issuing from its wooden sheathing. It was from the heights of this death trap that sixteen firemen leaped and lost their lives on July 10th, 1893. Toward the left the first great dome is on the Illinois Building, and the second one is on the Administration. The Kansas Building is at the left, in the foreground.
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