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  THE BEDOUIN CHIEF AND FAMILY - We here have photographs of the family of Kahlil Sarkees, editor of Lee Sam el Hal, a Syrian newspaper, who managed the Wild East entertainment which, after many tribulations, found a haven in Midway Plaisance toward the end of the summer. The baby was born in Chicago, and was Christened "Chicago Columbus." This picture is most instructive, recalling to readers of the Bible the costumes of the Holy Land, which have changed little in centuries. The painters who should thus apparel the Blessed Virgin and the Child would, without doubt, reach a high degree of historical accuracy. The Syrians wore capes over silken robes, red or yellow boots of sheepskin, and silken turbans. They were loaded with arms in a cumbrous and perhaps fanciful manner, with heavy cutlasses, as here seen, and ancient funnel-muzzled flint-lock pistols hanging to chains. These they did not discard, although self-cocking cartridge-carrying revolvers could be purchased in Chicago for very small sums of money. In addition they carried long carbines and various dirks, withal creating a distinct sense of swashbuckling, which, in fact, was a favorite pastime, for they were expert with cutlass and shield. One of the party offered to wager a beautiful Arabian steed that he could behead an ox with one blow of his sword. Owing to a partial failure in public appreciation the Chief went home to Syria very much out of humor with Americans.
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