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  THE PRINCESS EULALIA AND ESCORT - The visit of the Spanish Infanta to the World's Fair was attended with some suprising demonstrations of toadyism, and betrayed a growing love of monarchy among many ambitious people. On account of the official character of the visit (the King of Spain being an infant), the Princess was induced or compelled to make a royal progress through Chicago, and in the excitement of her humble entertainers all sight of her husband, a Bourbon, was lost, and the spectacle presented a non-regal princess holding a regal court. Our engraving represents Prince Antonio of Bourbon on the left, the Marchioness of Arcohermoso standing next, and Her Royal Highness seated in front. Standing at the right is Commodore Davis, who was deputed by the United States Government to take charge of the royal party while it remained on the shores of America. The rigor with which this officer maintained the Spanish etiquette created no little dissatisfaction among the elite of American society, and, it is to be hoped, received due reward at Madrid. The Princess, however, whether haughty or condescending, was welcomed by the public, and her formal attendance at Jackson Park swelled the paid admissions by at least fifty thousand in a single day. She was attended by Mayor Harrison, and liked the Fair very much, going many times, but keeping the prominent citizens at a frigid distance.
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