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  ACROSS THE GRAND PLAZA, NORTHWARD - We have in this engraving much interesting detail of the scene around the MacMonnies Fountain, and down the vista to the Art Palace, nearly a mile away. First we may see the elk, by Kemeys and Proctor, next the arrangement of sea-horses in the basin of the fountain, which is not overflowing, the hour probably being very early or on Sunday. Beyond the fountain is a rostral column with a figure of Neptune, by Johannes Gelert, and this was one of six copies hereabouts; on the bridge just beyond are bears by Kemeys and Proctor again; beside the Barge of State in MacMonnies' Fountain are the two columns that bore eagles - a part of MacMonnies'scheme; and in the hemicycl of the Electricity Building, which is the main object in the picture, stands Carl Rohl-Smith's statue of Franklin. This statue is here indicated in order to inform the reader that the sculptor believed the authorities raised his work upon a pedestal too high for the best effects. The seats which are seen in quite plentiful numbers were secured by the public only after months of denial, in the interest of the chair-renters, who flourished under each of the band-stands, the northern one of which stands in front of the Electricity. John Thorpe's arrangement of potted plants may be noted upon the balustrade. Between the elks, steps led to a stone-paved lower level. Across this plaza blew clouds of macadam dust, testifying to the folly of those who thus paved the grounds.
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