The Book of the Fair, Paul V. Galvin Library Digital History Collection

Textual Illustrations

Abundance, Martiny
Administration Building 1. 2. 3.
Administration Building, East Front
Administration Plaza
Administration Plaza Chicago Day
African Boat Made of Logs
Agricultural Building1. 2.
Agricultural Building, sections of
Agricultural Building from the Shores of the Grand Basin
Agricultural Hall, Columbian Exposition,1893
Agricultural Implements
Air Compressor
Alabaster Statuary
Alameda County's Pavilion
Alaskan Village
Algerian and Tunisian Village
Algerian Donkey
Algerian Musicians
Algerian Officials
Algerian Peasant
Algerian Home
Alligator and Snake Skins, Paraguay
Alligator, Tapir, and Jaguar, British Guiana
Allis, E. P.
Alone in the World, Israels
Along the Beach Near the French Government Building
Along the Grand Canal
Along the Southern Shores of the Wooded Island
Altar, Germany
Alternating Dynamos
Altrohlau Vases
Amazonian Dug-Outs
America, Vinnie Ream Hoxie
American Badger
American Carriage Wheels
American Cut Glass
American Floral Tea Tray
American Lioness and Family
American Section
American Tract Society
Anchovies from Norway
Ancient Aztec Land
Ancient Mexican Carving
Ancient Peruvian Burial Ground
Ancient War Chariot of Scythia
Anderson, Alexander D.
Andrews, E. B.
Angel of the Resurrection
Angora Goat and Skins, Cape Colony
Animals and Birds of Brazil
Annie Besant
Another Section of the Building
Ant Eater, British Guiana
Anthony Comstock
Anthropology And Ethnology -Monsters of the Antediluvian Age
Antique Furniture1. 2.
Antique Furniture in Mrs. Potter Palmer's Room
Antique Irish Brooch
Antonio Apache
Apollinaris Water, Germany
Application of Staff
Approach to the Palace of Fine Arts
Arab Chief
Arab Girl on the Camel
Arab Warrior
Arabia, Midway Plaisance
Arabian Carpenter Shop
Arabian Encampment
Arabian Horse Aigme
Arabian Horsemen
Arabian Lady
Arabian Orloff
Archaeological and Ethnology
Archbishop Dionysios Latas
Archbishop Ireland
Architectural Details of the Fisheries Building
Architectural Features of the Brazilian Building
Architecture and Historic Sculpture, East Court
Architecture, Martiny
Argentine Republic Exhibit
Argentinian Wines and Grains
Army Wagon and Stand of Arms
Around the Manufactures Building
Array of Percheron Beauties
Art Fancy Work, Buffalo
Art Institute
Art Palace from the Shores of the North Lagoon
Art Square Loom
Arthur Leffler
Arthur Renwick, Commissioner New South Wales
Artistic Furnishings from France
Asbestos Theatre Curtain. Subject: Reading Homer
Assorting Feathers, Kivschenko
At the South Entrance, Manufactures Building
Australian Tree Ferns
Austrian Bronze
Austrian Glass
Austrian Pavilion
Austrian Section
Austrian Village
Automatic Figures in motion
Baby Ruth's Present from Sweden
Baker, William T.
Baling Press
Baling Press for Hay and Straw
Ball, Zorn
Bancroft Library
Baroness Burdett- Coutts, Countess Di Brazza
Barrel Stave Jointer
Barrett, J. P.
Bathing Boys, Group in Plaster by Gunzburg
Bathing Boys, Heyerdahl
Bed of Texas Cacti
Beef Extract
Beggars of Algeria
Belgian Bellows and Forge
Belgian Fabrics
Belgian Railway Iron
Belgian Section1. 2.
Bell, A. G.
Benj. Franklin's Electric Machine
Beside a wall of the Transportation Building
Bethlehem Steam Hammer
Billiard Table
Birch Bark Huts of the Penobscot Indians
Bird's Eye View
Bird's Eye View World's Columbian Exposition
Birds-Eye View of Grounds
Birth of Pearl, Maignan
Bishop C.H. Fowler
Bishop Samuel Fallows
Bishop Spalding
Black Silver Coffee Pot
Blocks Pulleys and Hoisting Gear
Board Room
Boat presented to Ida Lewis
Bohemian Glass
Bonet's Electric Tower
Bonney, C. C.
Bookbinders' Double Disk Ruling Machine
Bookbinders' Stitching Machine
Bottle Cleaning Apparatus
Bottled Beer from Denver
Boudot's Printing Machine
Bovril Beef Exhibit
Box-Making Machinery
Branch of Chicago River
Brave of the Indian Village
Brazilian Baskets and Silk Cocoons
Brazilian Building from the North Pond
Brazilian Craft
Brazilian Janguado
Brazilian Nets and Fish-Traps
Brazilian Section
Brazilian Section, Shoe and Leather Building
Breaking Ground
Breaking Home Ties, Hovenden
Brewer's Pavilions
Brewing Exhibit
Brewing Process, Germany
Brick Press, Canada
Bride's Attire, Makovsky
Bridge, Missouri Pavilion
Britain's Trophy of Coal
British Needle- work1. 2.
British Section
British Section, Wall paper
Broken Idol, Prinsep
Bronze Pagoda
Bronzes1. 2.
Bronzes, Italy
Brooklyn Bridge in Soaps
Brown Bessie, A prize winner of the Jersey Breed
Brush Dynamo
Bryn Mawr School Exhibit
Buchanan, W. I.
Buckeye Kngine Company
Buddha's Webbed Hand
Buffalo Hunt, Bush-Brown1. 2.
Buffet and Library New York Central Train
Building of Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Bulgarian Girl
Bulgarian Section
Bulls, India and Africa
Bureau of Comfort
Burning of the Cold Storage Building
Bust William II, Germany
Butterworth, Benjamin
By an Aboriginal of Bolivia
Cabinet of Fishing Gear
Cable Twisting Machine
California Building
California Building, sectional views
California Cereals
California Citrus Tower
California Corn
California Exhibit
California Grains
California Ostrich farm
California Room (1 of 2)
California Room (2 of 2)
California Wheat
California Wines
California Wood Rats
California's Tree Pavilion
Camp of Bedouins
Canada Machinery
Canadian Exhibit1. 2.
Canadian Fisher Boy
Canadian Fruits
Canadian Grain
Canadian Headquarters
Canadian Indian Schools
Canadian Mantle
Canadian Nickel Ore
Canadian Pacific Engine, "626"
Canadian Section1. 2.
Canadian Vegetables
Canal at Rotterdam, Maris
Cane Sugar in Glasses
Canned Goods
Canned Goods, New South Wales
Canoe from Africa
Cape Colony
Cape Colony Diamond Mines
Captured at York town
Caravel Santa Maria
Caravels at the Fair
Card Trick, Brown
Cardinal Gibbons
Carla Barton
Carlos Martinez Silva
Carlos R, Gallardo, Argentine Republic
Carpets and Rugs, Germany
Carriage Exhibit1. 2.
Carriage of Ex-President Polk
Carrying the Mail
Cars used for Transportation of Krupp Gun
Cart from Surat, Bombay
Carved Clock
Carved Door of Teak Wood
Carving from Central America
Carving in Wood
Carvings and Mosaic Work, India Building
Carvings, India Building
Casket and Chest, containing Dust and Bones
Castle made of Tobacco
Catholic Headquarters
Catholic Vestments
Cattle ring, segment of
Ceiling of Art Furniture Pavilion
Ceiling, Woman's Library
Cement Pavilion, German Department
Census Bureau
Centennial Exposition Souvenir
Central Aisle, Machinery Hall
Central Court
Central Court from roof of Manufactures Building
Ceramics and Statuary
Cereals and Fruits1. 2.
Ceylon Pavilion1. 2.
Chain Across the Hudson at west point,1778
Champion Bull, two years old
Chancellor, W. N.
Chant Du Depart, from the Arch of Triumph
Chapel in German Building
Chapel of Convent
Charles A. Preston
Charles Dickens and Little Nell, Elwell
Charles H Amsden
Charles Wright
Chauncey M.Depew
Chemical Laboratory
Chemicals1. 2.
Chicaco Ceramic Display
Chicago Art Work
Chicago Public Library
Chief Rain-in-the Face
Children's Building
Child's Delight
China Ware and Lanterns, Japan
Chinese Idol
Chocolate Pavilion
Chr. Ravn. Norwegian Commissioner
Christ and the Adultress, Marble Group by Bernardelli
Christ in the House of Lazarus
Christmas Chimes, Blashfield
Chucking Machinery
Church Architecture of France
Church Interior
Citizen of Beyrut
Civilization, Maynard
Class of Indians in Front of School
Cleveland Reading Address
Clock Tower
Cloister Kitchen, Grutzner
Coach of "De Witt Clinton" Train
Coach of the Lord-Mayor of London
Coal and Coke
Coal Car for Mining
Coal from West Virginia
Coat of Arms, Pennsylvania
Cocoa Booth
Cod Fish from the Lofoden Grounds
Cod Liver Oil
Coffee Cleaning Exhibit, Brazil
Cold Forging Process
Collars and Cuffs
Collars of all Sizes and Styles
Collection of American oil Paintings
Collection of Artistic Furniture
Collection of British Silver Ware
Collection of Ferns
Collins, J. W.
Colombia's Edifice
Colonel H. L. Abbott
Colonel Rice
Colonnade Fisheries Building
Colonnade of Forestry Building
Colorado Building
Colorado Exhibit
Colorado's Pavilion
Columbia Dish Washer
Columbian Chair Boys
Columbian Coin
Columbian Exposition Tickets
Columbian Fountain
Columbian Fountain and Manufactures Building
Columbian Guard and Guide
Columbian Liberty Bell
Columbian Milk Wagon
Columbus Arch, Peristyle
Columbus Hall
Columbus Pipe
Columbus' Reception after his first Voyage
Columbus Silver Shield
Columbus Statue, North Entrance
Column of French Sardines
Combat to the Death
Commissioners of the Foreign Countries
Communion, Melchers
Compound Engine
Condensed Milk
Congregational Church
Congress of Beauty
Congress of King's Daughters and Sons
Congress of Vegetarians
Connecticut Building
Construction of the Manufactures Building
Convent Door, Moscow, MME Doornovo
Convent near Seville
Convent of La Rabida
Cook, Van Der Maarel
Cooper's Hawk
Copper Monster
Copper Wind Mill
Cordage of the Russian Navy
Corea Exhibit
Cork Exhibit, Algeria
Cork Exhibits
Corn Shellers
Corner German Section
Corner in Assembly room
Corner in Board Room
Corner in the North Gallery
Corner Norway Section
Corner of the United States Section
Corner of Japan Section
Corner of Maine Section
Corner of Mexican Central Railroad Pavilion
Corner of Mexican Section
Corner of Minnesota Section
Corner of New Jersey Pavilion
Corner of the Banquet Hall
Corner of the Court
Corners in Cincinnati Room
Cosmopolitan Thoroughfare
Cosmopolitan Tourists Company
Cossacks' Answer, Repine
Costa Rica's Edifice
Cotswold Beauty
Cottage in Lady Aberdeen's Village
Cotton , North Carolina
Cotton and Woolen Weaving Looms
Cotton Calendering and Drying Machine
Cotton Machinery1. 2.
Cotton, Brazil
Court of Honor
Court of Honor, Woman's Building
Court of the Obelisk
Cowboy in front of Building Proctor
Crane Elevator
Creche, Childern's Building
Crocodile of the Amazon
Crowding into Donegal Village
Crown Milano Ware
Crucibles of Graphite
Cuban Cigars
Culp, E. C.
Cupidon Ravisseur
Cupids Resting, Munier
Curios in Florida Building
Curtis, Williams E.
Cut Glass
Cylinder Petroleum Engine, Germany
Cyrus H. McCormick
D. H. Burnham
Dairy Building
Dancing Girl, Algeria
Daniel Webster's Coach
Danish Pavilion
Day and Night, Medallions by Dausch
Day's Kerite Pavilion
Death Arresting the Hand of the Sulptor, By Daniel C. French
Decorations of the Main Hall
Decorations, Chicago Street
Decorations, State Street
Decorative Work, Maryland
Delaware's Headquarters
Denizens of Norway's Fishing Grounds
Denizens of the Javanese Village
Designs and Decorations, Iowa Building
Designs in Stained Glass Window
Designs upon Italian tiles
Deux Amies, Montzaigle
Devices in Grain and Grass, North Dakota
Diamond Mining Display
Diamond Necklace
Diana Clock
Dimock, W. D.
Dining Room of Steam-Ship
Dining-Car, New York Central Vestibule Train
Dining-Car, Vestibule Train
Dion Geraldine
Director De Witt C. Cregier
Display of a Chicago Company
Display of Bicycles
Display of Distillery Process
Display of Garden Tools
Display of Railway Air Brakes
Display of Standard Oil Company
Display of Western Brewers
Displayed by the Short Company
Displayed by the State of Maine
Distant View of Fisheries Buildings
Diving Apparatus, Russian Section
Docks, Jansen
Dolly Madison's Harpsichord
Dome Government Building
Dome of Horticultural Building from the Wooded Island
Dome, Horticultural Building
Domestic Pigeons
Done in Water Colors
Door Screens
Dorset Horned Sheep
Douglass, Fred
Douglas Pine from British Columbian
Doulton Pottery
Doulton Terra Cotta
Dr C. B. Winslow
Draft Horse
Draper, William F.
Drawing Models, French Section
Drawing Room Car, New York Central Company
Dress Goods
Dried Fish, Japanese Section
Drilling by Electricity
Drilling Platform
Duchess De Veragua, Lady Aberdeen, Mrs. John J Bagley
Duke of Veragua
Dulaney, W. H.
Dutch Belted Bull
Dutch Department,Section of1. 2.
Dutch Kitchen, Massachusetts Building
Dynamo and Engine
Dynamo of Fort Wayne Company
Dynamos of Western Electric Company
East India Temple
Edison Dynamos1. 2.
Edison Electric Tower
Edison Street Car Motor
Edison's Phonograph
Edmund Bruwaert
Educational Department
Educational Exhibit
Educational Exhibit, Germany
Educational Exhibit, New South Wales
Educational Exhibit, Norway
Edward Bellamy
Edward Everett Hale
Edwin Willits
Egyptian Fair
Egyptian Mirror
Egyptian Shoe Store
Egyptian Hay Boat
Eiffel Tower, Paris, 1889
Electric Batteries
Electric Boat in process of Construction
Electric Elevator
Electric Fans
Electric Fountain in Action
Electric Launch
Electric Motor and Pump
ELECTRICITY - Edison's Apparatus
Electricity Building, North Front
Electricity Hall, View in
Electroplating Pavilion
Elephant Ears Lilies
Elevator, Manufactures Building
Elihu Thomson
Elisha Gray
Elizabeth C. Carpenter
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Embroidery, Chicago
Emily E. Williamson
Encampment of Michigan Cadets
Engine and Dynamo
English Anvils
English Bath Tub
English Billiard Exhibit
English Cheese and Hams
English China
English Fair
English Locomotive, "Queen Empress"
English Terra Cotta Drain Pipes
Engraving and Etching
Enrique Duputy De Lome
Entrance of the New South Wales Pavilion
Entrance to Administration Building
Entrance to Bell Telephone Pavilion
Entrance to Chinese Village and Theatre
Entrance to Florida Building
Entrance to Japan Section
Entrance to Japanese Department
Entrance to Machinery Hall
Entrance to Ontario Exhibit
Entrance to Ontario Pavilion
Entrance to Quebec Section
Entrance to the Village
Entrance, Illinois Pavilion
Entrance, Machinery Building
Entrance, Missouri Pavilion
Entrance, New Jersey Pavilion
Equestrienne, Lavery
Erected for the Sons and Daughters of Name
Escort Wagons
Eskimo Baby
Eskimo Group
Eskimo Village
Eskimo Village
Evening in Eggedal, Munthe
Exhibit from South Dakota
Exhibit from the National Capital
Exhibit of Fish Nets
Exhibit of Laces
Exhibit of Meat Products
Exhibit of Milwaukee Diocese
Exhibit of Model Ticket Office
Exhibit of Soap
Exhibit of Spices
Exhibit of Submarine Diving
Exhibit of Swedish Iron Work
Exhibit of the Empire State
Exhibit, Government Building1. 2.
Exhibit, Shoe and Leather Building
Exhibited by the Boston and Providence Company
Exhibition Hall, Sweden
Exhibits from Universities
Exit fron Crystal Cave
Exposition Buildings, Turin
Exposition Clock
Exposition Headquarters of the Keystone State [Pennsylvania]
Exposition of Oyster Industries
Exterior Italian Pavilion
Exterior of Pavilion
Exterior Russian Pavilion
Exterior View Austrian Section
F. D. Millet
F. J. V. Skiff
F. L. Olmsted
F. W. Grogan
F. W. Peck, Chairman, First Vice-President Finance Committee
F. W. Putnam
Facing Westward
Fair in Mora, Zorn
Fall of River Vecht, Bastert
Fancy Work1. 2.
Fancy Work and Decorations
Fanning Mill
Far-Away- Moses
Farthest North
Fearn,W., Foreign Affairs
Feast in the Doge's Palace
Feast of Salmon, Washington Exhibit
Ferris Wheel
Festival Hall
Figure for Group on Agricultural Building1.2.
Figures by Boyle
Figures in Turkish Section
File Driver and Jetty
Fire Apparatus, Belgium
Fire Controlled
Fire Extinguishers
First Photograph of the Moon
First and Last Guns in Civil War
First Arches Manufactures Building
First Church bell in America
First Sunlight Photograph
First Telegram
Fish Nets
Fish of the Far Northwest
Fisheries and Foreign Building
Fisheries and Foreign Buildings from the bank of the Lagoon
Fisheries and Pisciculture
Fisheries Building
Fisheries Building, from the Wooded Island
Fishing for Shirimps at Scheveningen,Blommers
Fishing in Norway, Ekinas
Five Senses, Makart
Floral Device in Rotunda
Flour Exhibit, Minnesota
Flower Girl
Fodder Cutter
Fodder Cutting Machine
Folding Boats from Michigan
Food Exhibit
Foot of Arch. Manufactures Building
Foots Prints and Traces in Geological Stratum,Nevada
For the Postal Service
For Transportation Building
For Transporting Live Poultry
Force Pump and Fountain
Foreclosure of Mortgage, G. A. Reid
Foreground of the Stumm Exhibit
FOREIGN EXHIBITS - Sectional view of Das Deutsche Haus
Forest Study, Zorn
Forestry Building
Fort Marion Reproduced
Forward, By Jean Pond Miner
Fountain and Basin North of the German Building
Fountains, Pumping Engine Exhibit
Four Races
Fox Prize Silver Cup
Fragment Showing the Feast of Buddha
Frame, Electricity Building
Frances E. Willard
Francis A. Walker
Francisco E. Bustamaule
Franklin Statue
French, W. M. R
French and Belgian Locomotives
French and British Section, South Court
French Art
French Bronze
French Building, Eastern Facade
French Ceramics
French Coat of Arms, Gold and Velvet
French Laces
French Printing Press
French Record Room
French Red Cross Exhibit
French Salon
French Section1. 2. 3.
French Section, Bronze Candelabra
French Telephones
French Willow Baskets
Fresco, Dome Administration Building
From a Point near the Woman's Building
From Fibre of Century Plant, Azores
From Foreign Shores
From Osnabruck Museum, Germany
From San Diego, California
From the Famous Pipestone Quarries
From the Gould Conservatory, Horticultural Hall
From the Holy Land
From the Imperial Russian Stables
Front Transportation Building. Boyle
Fruit from the Far West
Fruits in Season
Full Size Model of Battle Ship "Illinois" in World's Fair Harbor
Furnace Room, Libbey Glass Works
Furniture1. 2.
Fyke Net, North Carolina Section
G. R. R. Cockburn, Canadian Commissioner
Gallery Of Fine Arts
Gallery1. 2.
Gallery of Oil Paintings
Gallery Paintings
Gallery Pavilion
Galloway Cow
Garden, Kever
Gauges and Cocks
General Exhibit, Tiffany
General Greeley
General View along the West Lagoon
General View Department of Mining
General View From Gallery
General View in French Section
General View Jackson Park
General View Lagoon1. 2.
General View of the Exposition Grounds
Genius of Wisconsin by Nellie Mears
Gentlemen Arabs
George F. Root
George R. Davis
George Schneider
George V. Massey
George W. Cable
George W. G. Ferris
George W. G. Ferris
Georgia Cayvan
Georgia Cayvan in her Glass Dress
German Beer Filtering Apparatus
German Building
German Castle
German Coach Horses
German Electric Apparatus
German Fair
German Floricultural Display
German Historical Collection
German Kindergarten
German Porcelain and Ceramic Decorations
German Section1. 2. 3. 4.
German wire Cable
Glass and Gold1. 2.
Glass and Silver
Glass and Silver Ware Pavilion
Glass Exhibit, Austria
Golden Door, Looking toward
Glorification of Discovery
Gloucester Fishing Boats
Gloucester Pilot
Goats and Sheep, Cape Colony
Goddess of Fortune, Bernardelli
Gold and Silver
Gold and Silver Smiths' Exhibit
Gold, Silver, Copper and Lead
Golden Door and its Reflection
Golden Door, Transportation Building
Gondola on the Lagoon
Goods for the Exposition
Gorham Pavilion
Gov. Altgeld
Governer L. B. Morris
Government Building, Entrance
Government Building, Exhibit1. 2.
Government Building from Shores of Wooded Island
Government Hospital
Governor Frank Brown
Governor Pattison
Grace Darling's Boat
Graham, E. R.
Grain and Grasses, French Exhibit
Grain and Seeds, Pennsylvania
Grain Arbor, New Jersey
Grand Basin and Court of Honor
Grand Basin from Administration Tower
Grasses and Fat Tail Sheep, Cape Colony
Gray's Telautograph
Great Allis-Corliss Engine
Great Engine of New York Central Company
Grecian Emery Pavilion
Grecian Fragment
Greeley Expedition
Grinlinton, J. J., Special Commissioner for Ceylon
Grinlinton, J. J., Special Commissioner for Ceylon
Grotto, with Rustic Bridge
Ground Plan Columbian Exposition
Ground Plan Columbian Exposition, Key
Group by Boyle
Group by Martiny
Group for Administration Building
Group for Administration Building. Bitter.
Group for Electricity Building
Group in plaster near Gondola Landing
Group of Buffalos, Kansas Exhibit
Group of Caribou
Group of Edison Machines
Group of Japanese
Group of Motors
Group of State Buildings West of Art Palace
Group on Administration Building
Group on Building, By Boyle
Group on Peristyle, Pratt
Group, Administration Building
Guarding the Secret of the Tomb
Gun Deck "Illinois"
H. Guzman, Nicaragua
H. H. Holcomb, Chief of Transportation
H. M. La Rue
H. N. Higinbotham
H. O. Edmunds, Secretary of the Exposition
Hailing the Ferry, Knight
Hall and Stairways
Hallway on the Second Floor
Halsey C. Ives
Hammer and Last Nail
Hand Line, Sinkers, Etc
Hans Andersen's Room
Hans Christian Andersen
Happy Family, Canada
Hardware and Pictures
Harp of Brian Boroihme
Harper, W. R.
Harper and Brothers
Harriot's history of Roanoke Island
Harris, William T.
Harrows and Ploughs
Harvard College Exhibit
Harvester and Binder
Haunts of the Cliff Dwellers as seen at the Fair
Hay Rake
Haytian Building
Haytian Exhibits
Henequin Plant, Mexico
Henry Drummond
Henry W. Rogers
Henry Watterson
Herald at Arms
Herring Fishing by the Dutch
Herring Fishing in Norway
Hindu Juggler
Hirst, J.
Hirst, J.
Historical Costumes, New York Exhibit
Historical Society
Hoisting Engines
Hoisting the Krupp Gun from the Ship
Holtz Inductor
Home of Montana
Home of Southern California
Hooded Seals, Gulf of St Lawrence
Hooks and Lines
Horace White
Horse Mackerel
Horse-Power Corn Sheller
Horticultural Building from Southeast Corner
Horticultural Building from Wooded Island
Horticultural Bulding
Horticultural Building, East Entrance
Horticulture and Forestry
Hospital and Pharmacy
Hotchkiss Mounted Gun
House in which Columbus
House of the Granite State
Household Woodenware
Howells, W. D.
Human Brain
Hunter's Cabin1. 2.
Hunter's Cabin, Wooden Island
Hutchinson, C .L. Chairman of Fine Arts Committee
Hydraulic Elevator
Hygienic Apparatus
Ibrahim Hakky Bey
Ice Wagon
Idaho Exhibit
Idaho's Chalet
Idaho's Pavilion
Idaho's Pine
Ilama, Peru
Illinois Building from the North Lagoon
Illinois Pavilion
Illinois Sail Boats
Illinois Woman's Hospital and Pharmacy
Illinois, United State Naval Exhibit
Illuminated Manuscript in Vatican Collection
Illumination of the Court of Honor
Imperial Chime of Bells
Improved Tobacco Curing Barn
In Danger, Mesdag
In Horticultural Hall
In New Jersey Pavilion
Incandescent Apparatus
India Carved Furniture and Vases
India Carved Sideboard
Indian Feather Work
Indian Lace
Indian Lace Work
Indian Needle Work
Indian Pottery
Indiana's Pavilion
Indians of British Columbia
Indians, Colombia
Industry. Group, Administration. Bitter
Infanta Eulalia
Infanta's dress
Inks and Pens
Innocent Victim, Thomas
Inspector's Steam Hand Car
Interior Children's Building
Interior Cuban Exhibit
Interior Government Building
Interior Japan Section
Interior Krupp Building, Germany
Interior Merchant Tailor's Building
Interior Mexican Pavilion
Interior of Conservatory
Interior of Mining Building
Interior of Ohio Pavilion
Interior of the German Wine Cellar
Interior of the Spanish Building
Interior Palace of Fine Arts
Interior Turkish Mosque
Interior View1. 2. 3.
Interior View Austrian Section
Interior View Fisheries Building
Interior view Manufactures Building
Interior View of La Rabida1. 2.
Interior View of the Anthropolgical Building
Interior Women's Building
Interior, Argentinian Section
International Rotunda of Sculpture
Intramural Electric Cars
Inventions and Patents
Iowa Exhibit
Iowa Pavilion
Iowa's "Shelter" by the Lake
Irish Fair
Irish Jaunting Cart
Irish Relic
Iron Exhibit
Irving M. Scott
Italian China
Italian Decorations
Italian Furniture
Italian Laces
Italian Laces
Italian laces
Italian Section1. 2.
Italian Statuary1. 2.
Izaak Walton Home
Jackson, Arthur C.
Jackson Park1.2.
Jackson Park Beach
Jackson Park, a bypath
Jackson Park, Side Avenue
Jackson Park, View in1.2.
James Allison
James O Crosby
Japanese Bronzes
Japanese Canned Goods
Japanese China
Japanese Dwarf Cedar
Japanese Exhibit1. 2. 3.
Japanese Furniture
Japanese marble
Japanese Pavilion
Japanese Section
Japanese Slabs and Fibrous Woods
Japanese Tea Garden
Japanese Vases1. 2.
Javanese Exhibit
Javanese Theatre
Javanese Village
Jaws of Whale, Section Entrance
Jaycox, E. E.
Jeffrey, E. T.
Jenney, W. L. B.
Jerusalem Damsel
Jetty Improvement Mouth Columbia River
Jews in Desert, Jerndorff
Joan of Arc
John E. Owens
John H. Barrows
John T. Dickinson
John Thrope and his Flowers
John W. Draper
John W. Noble
John W. Root
John-Hopkins University Exhibit
Johore Bungalow
Joint Territorial Building
Joseph Cook
Joseph Tasse, Canadian Commissioner
Joss House
Judges of Award
Judging the Clydesdales
Kansas Building
Kate Field
Kentucky Building
Kimberley, South Africa, Exhibit
King of Forest, Bonheur
Kiowa Girl
Kitchen Garden, Children's Building
Knitting Machines
Krupp Building, Germany
La Dance
La Danse, Par Dore
La Fayette Chamber
La Vigne
Labyrinth, Moorish Palace
Lady Aberdeen at her Spinning Wheel
Lady Aberdeen's Cottage
Lady Aberdeen's Irish Village
Lady Manager's Colonial Exhibit, Government Building
Lady Manager's Colonial Exhibit, Government Building
Lady of High Degree
Lafayette's Sword
Lamps and Bronzes
Landing in front of the Art Palace
Landscape with Cattle, De Haas
Lapland Village
Large Barrel Made of 10500 Small Ones
Large Propelling for Steamer "Spree"
Largest Belt in the World
Largest Boiler House in the World
Largest Cheese in the World
Largest Steer in the World
Largest Telescope in World
Last of Spartans
Laughing Girl
Laundry and Mangle Exhibit
Le Guepier, Bouguereau
Leather Pavilion
Leif Erikson
Leif Eriksson Discovers America, Krohg
Les Coureurs
Levi P. Morton
Lew Wallace
Liberian Section
Liberty Bell1.2.
Liberty Bell in California Section
Library in Maryland Building
Light House Reflectors, French Section
Lilly (signal) Flag, A Prize Animal
Limestone Cavern
Line Restoration, Dantan
Lion Fountain and Obelisk, Grand Basin
Little Crow
Little Wolf
Live-Stock Pavilion
Locomotive "De Witt Clinton" and Train
Log Fireplace, Michigan Exhibit
Loggia, Machinery Hall
Logging Train
Logs ever drawn by one team
Long Cabin of the Six Nations
Long Eared Owl
Looking Across the Grand Basin toward Agricultural Building
Looking Eastward from Canal and Bridge
Looking from the Administration Building
Looking into the Viticultural Hall1.2.
Looking North From Administration Building
Looking North from the Electric Tower
Looking North from the Wooded Island
Looking South from Centre of Hall
Looking toward Electricity Building at Night
Looking up the East Lagoon
Looking up the North Canal
Lord Aberdeen
Los Angeles County in the Southern California Building
Los Naufragos
Los Pescadores Pescados
Louis XV Clock
Louisiana's Colonial Edifice
Loving cup presented to Thomas W. Palmer
Lowell Cotton Machinery1.2.
Lucretia Mott
Lumbering Tools
Lunar Apennines
Lutheran Headquarters
Lyman J. Gage
M .V. Arizaga, Commissioner General from Ecuador
M. H. DeYoung
M. W. Cobun
Machinery Hall as seen from the Obelisk Court
Machinery Hall from the Court of Honor
Machinery that turns the Wheel
Machinery, Administration, Mines,Electricity,Manufactures
Magnolia Vase
Mahometan with Wife and Children
Main Design of the MacMonnies Fountain
Main Entrance
Main Entrance French Section, Manufactures Building
Main Front of the New York State Building
Main Hall of Washington Building
Major-General and Staff
Maltese Boat
Mammals of the Pine Tree State
Mammoth Dynamo
Mammoth Locomotive of the Great Western Railway,England
Mammoth Relics
Man with Hoe, Millet
Man's Universal Burden Bearer
Mansion of Arkansas
Manuel Lemus
Manuel M. De Peralta
Manufactures Building, East Front
Manufactures and Government Buildings from the Lagoon
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
Marble Exhibit, Belgium
Marble, Italy
Margrit, Zorn
Marquis of Barboles
Marriage Procession
Marshall Field
Marsh's Fossil Mammoth
Martin Hector
Martiny's Agriculture
Martiny's Music
Mary Livermore
Mary Lowe Dickinson
Mary Moiden, A prize Jersey Cow
Maryland's Pavilion
Massachusetts Building, East Parlor
Massachusetts' Historic Chamber
Max Richter
Mechanical Arts Building
Medal Presented Designers
Mediterranean Octopus
Mephistopheles' Serenade, Maszynski
Mercadier's Multiplex Telegraph Instruments
Merchant Tailor's Building
Metals and Metal Work
Methodist Headquarters
Mexican Apron
Mexican Exhibit
Mexican Exhibit of Cacti
Mexican Filigree work
Mexican Jacanas
Mexican Lace
Mexican Mahogany Block
Mexican Onyx
Mexican Section, Woman's Building
Mexican Tobacco and Liquors
Mexican Vehicle
Mexican Wheat
Mica and Lime
Michigan Avenue, Auditorium
Michigan Burls
Michigan Logging Camp
Michigan's Headquarters
Michigan's Section
Midway Plaisance
MIDWAY PLAISANCE- A Jackson Park Eskimo
Midway Plaisance from the Ferris Wheel
Midway Plaisance, Cairo
Miehle Printing Press
Miguel Serrando, Delegate General for Mexico
Millet Spraying Machine
Mills Near Rotterdam, Roelofs
Minature Man-of War
Mine Exhibits
Mineral California Exhibit
Mineral Monuments of Australia
Mineral Room in Missouri Building
Minerals and Grains of South Dakota
Mines, Mining and Metallurgy- Mining Exhibits from the Gallery
Miniature Farm, Washington
Mining Building, North Front
Mining Building, section of
Mining Hoist
Mining Pump
Minnesota Building
Miscellaneoius Specimens
Miscellaneous Exhibits in the Galleries
Missouri Building
Missouri Cereals
Missouri Exhibit, section of
Missouri Lead
Missouri University Exhibit
MME Dupuy De Lome, Mrs Ralph Trautmann
Model , Gun Lift
Model Arlington Cemetery
Model Casa Blanca, Arizona
Model Casa Grande, Arizona
Model Construction of Screw Pile
Model Dairy
Model Davis Island Dam
Model Disapperaring Gun Battery
Model Display
Model Gruson Turret
Model House for New York Workingman
Model Illinois Farm Depidtured in Grains and Grasses
Model in Government Department
Model in Silver of the Horticultural Building
Model in Souvenir coins of the U.S Treasury Building
Model Kitchen
Model Machine Shop1.2.
Model of Cabmen's Shelter, London
Model of Coal Mining Machinery
Model of English War-Ship
Model of Factory
Model of Hudson Valley Coal Engine
Model of Man-of War
Model of Michigan Mining Building
Model of Nicaragua Canal
Model of Ohio Serpent Model
Model of Pullman
Model of St. Peter's
Model of Virginian Shipyard
Model Sixteen Mortar Battery
Model, Closing Secondary Channels
Model, Greeley Expedition
Model, Machinery Building, Krause
Model, Mining Building. Bock
Model, Showing Excavation
Models of "John Bull" and Krupp Gun
Models of Boats
Models of Russian Boats
Modern Drill
Modern Folding Boats
Modern Mexico
Modern Mower
Modern Woman, Decoration of North Tympanum
Monarch of the Forest
Monkeys, British Guiana
Monseigneur Satolli
Monster Crab of Japan
Monster Prize Winner
Montana Mining Exhibit
Montana Nail
Montana's Silver Statue of Justice
Months, Depicted on Satin in the French Section
Monument of Germania in Portland Cement
Monument of Portland Cement
Monument of Wagon Hubs
Moon in Focus of Great Equatorial, Lick Observatory
Moonlight on Grand Basin
Moonshiner's Cabin
Moorish Barber Shop
Moorish Girl
Moose from the Swamp Lands
Morgan Electric Travelling Crane
Morton, J. Sterling
Mosaic Picture owned by Vatican
Mosaic Work
Mosaic Work in La Rabida
Moses P. Handy
Mother, Bernardelli
Mouldings in Sand, France
Mountain Hut, Brazil
Mountain Trail, Farny
Movable Sidewalk and Pier
Mrs B. B. Tobin
Mrs Candace Wheeler
Mrs Fransis B Clark, Mrs French Sheldon,
Mrs James P. Eagle
Mrs M'Adow
Mrs President Diaz
Mrs R. Ryan
Mrs White
Mrs. Charles Henrotin
Mrs. Clara D. Bates
Mrs. James M. Flower
Mrs. McKee's Inaugural Ball Dress, Indiana
Mrs. Potter Palmer
Mrs. Potter Palmer's Room
Mrs. Susan G. Cooke
Muitiplex Generator
Murat Halstead
Museum of Marine Models
Music, Top of Administration Building
Mussulman Chief
N. G. Blalock
Nancy Hanks- Sulky
Native Animals and Sheaf Grains
Native Hut, British Guiana
Native of Palestine
Natural History Group
Nautilus Prize Cup
Navajo Indian Work
Navajo Lodge
Naval Group
Naval Parade, New York
Naval Review, New York Harbor1.2.
Near the Chinese Quarter
Near View of the Moving Sidewalk
Nebraska Building
Nebraska Exhibit
Nebraska Pavilion
Needle of Anthracite Coal, Pennsylvania
Neighborhood of Machinery Hall
Nelson A Miles
Net Exhibit
Nevada's Exhibit
New England Tunnel Pole and Trap
New Jersey Building
New Jersey Cereals
New Mexican Models
New South Wales
New South Wales Cereals
New Wood Dynamo
New York building, Another view of Main Entrance
New York Display
New York Room, Woman's Building
New Zealand Hemp
Nickel Plating Machinery
Nikola Tesla
North Carolina Cotton
North Dakota Building
North Entrance to Agricultural Building
North Wind, Normann
Northeast Corner
Northern and Central California Building
Northern Front of the French Building
Northwest Elevation Manufactures Building
Norway Section1.2.
Norway Snow Shoes
Norway's Building
Norwegian Boats1.2.
Norwegian Carved Work
Norwegian Costumes
Norwegian Fishing Craft
Norwegian Section, view in
Nubian Dancing Boy
Nubian Girl
Obelisk in Turkish Village
Oberlin College Exhibit
Observation Car
Octave Chanute
Oddfellows at the Fair
Odell, J. J. P.
Odell, J. J. P.
Of interest to Sportsmen
Of the Cheviot Breed
Of the Sioux Nation
Office of Turkish Commission
Office, Turkish Building
Official Residence of Gautemalan Commission
Ohio and Illinois Pavilions
Ohio's Temple
Oil Boring and Drilling Apparatus
Oil Boring and Drilling Machine
Oil Cloth
Oil Machinery
Oil Pyramid
Oil Well Drilling Rig
Old "John Bull" Engine and Train
Old Cocoa Mill
Old Fashioned Mower
Old Piano in Virginia Building
Old Spanish Chair
Old Time Court Dress, Russian
Old Vienna
Oldest papers in the world
Oldest Stove in America
Old-Fashioned Canadian Plough
Olympic Games
Omnibus, Zorn
On Bridge near Manufactures Building
On the Frieze of the Transportation Building
On the Move
On the Roof of Manufactures Building
On the Sea Coast
On the Yacht "Namouna", Stewart
On Wooded Island
One of Schuckert's Search Lights
One of the Entrance ways
One of the Entrances
One of the Entrances
One of the Entrances
One of the Midway Attractions
One of the Parlors
One of Wells Fargo's Exhibits
Ontario Exhibit
Ontario Palms
Onyx Table of New Mexico
Orange Free State
Oregon Section
Ores of Wisconsin
Organs and Pianos
Oriental Danseuse
Oriental Design for Rug
Oriental Fishing Boat
Oriental Musician
Original La Rabida in Spain
Ornamental Bronze Clock
Ornamental Designs in Grain and Seeds, Pennsylvania
Ornamental Fearures of Reception Hall
Ornamental Saddlery
Ornate Brewing Pavilion
Orphan Girls ay Amsterdam, Schwartze
Ostrich Eggs, Cape Colony
Ostrich J. G. Blaine
Ottoman Empire Exhibit
Our Sister Republic
Outer Section of Transportation Building
Outside the Walls of the German Village
Overland Coach
Oxford Breed
P. R. Earling
Pacific Calf Seals
Pacific Walrus
Painted China
Painting, Martiny
Paintings in the Angling Pavilion
Paintings in the Italian Section
Paintings, Board Room
Paintings, Main Floor
Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Fine Arts
Palace of Manufactures and Liberal Arts1.2.
Palace of Mechanic Arts
Palace Sleeping Car
Panaroma of the Bernese Alps
Panel Painting, By Mrs Bush-Brown
Panel, Autumn, Maynard
Panel, Cybele, Maynard
Panther Hunter
Paper Making Machine
Paper Pavilion
Paraguayan Exhibits
Parlor, Swedish Building
Part of German Wine Exhibit
Part of New South Wales Display
Part of Oregon's Exhibit
Passing Cloud, Stone
Patent Flour
Pavilion of a German Steamship Company
Pavilion of New York Central Railroad Company
Pavilion Showing Louis XV Furniture
Pedagogic Museum, Russia
Pediment, Agricultural Building
Pelican Cape, New Orleans
Pennsylvania Brick and Tiling
Pennsylvania Exhibit
Pennsylvania Pavilion
Pennsylvania Railroad Company's Exhibit
Pennsylvania Seed and Grain
Pennsylvania State Collection
Perfumery1. 2. 3. 4.
Peristyle after Fire of January 8th, 1894
Persian Dancing Girl
Persians Engraving on Brass
Peter White
Phryne, In Sixteenth Century Ivory
Piano of 1750
Pilgrims of the Fair
Pioneer Cable Train
Pistol that Killed Alexander Hamilton
Placing the Axle in the Ferris Wheel
Plated Ware
Plough Exhibit
Ploughing the Fields, Mauve
Ploughs-Ancient and Modern in Government Building
Plumbago, New York Section
Pneumatic Dynamite Gun
Producer of fine Merino Wool
Police and Fire Telegraph Apparatus
Polished Mexican Woods
Pomona, Maynard
Pony Express
Poole, W. F.
Pope at time of Discovery
Pope Leo
Porcelain Vase Berlin
Porch of Manufactures Building
Portico of California Building
Portion of Carriage and Wagon Section
Portion of French Section
Portion of Mexican Section
Portion of Rhode Island's Exhibit
Portion of Russian Section
Portion of the British Marine Section
Portion of the Canadian Section
Porto Rico Exhibit
Posing for Photograph, Shoe and Leather Exhibit
Postal Car
Pottery Exhibit, Austrian Section
Pottery Exhibits1.2.
Preserved California Fruit
President Cleveland
President Diaz
Presidential chair, Mexico
Primitive Weapons and Implements
Primitive Woman, Decoration of South Tympanum
Prince Albert
Princess Shahovsky, Mrs. Benjamin Williamson
Princeton College Exhibit
Principal Entrance to Section of New South Wales
Principal Entrance, showing Barberini Lions [New York Bldg]
Printed statue, Japan
Private Ethnological Exhibit
Prize Animal
Prize Banjos
Prize Bull and Cow of Jersey Breed
Prize Exhibit of Trunks
Procession, Michigan Avenue
Proctor's Indian and Horse
Products of Gloucester Fisheries
Products of Norwegian Fisheries
Profile of Manufactures and Electricity Buildings
Projectiles for Heavy Ordnance
Prow of the "Illinois"
Prudencia De Murguiondo, Uruguay
Psyche, Thumann
Pyramid of Copper Wire
Quadriga on Peristyle
Quarters of the Navajos
Queen and Princess of Denmark Exhibit
Queen Isabella offering her Jewels
Queen of England's Exhibit
Queen of England's Work
Queen of Italy's Point D'Argentan
R. C. Chambers
Raising Derrick for dome
Reading from Homer, Alma-Tadema
Ready for Inspection
Ready for the Garden Party, Machard
Reaper Exhibit, Agricultural Building
Rear Admiral Maurity
Reception Hall, Maryland Building
Reception Hall, West Virginia Building
Reception Parlor
Reception Room of New Jersey Building
Red Wood Plank from California
Redwood Tank
Reel Cart with Field Telephone
Remnants of Columbian Exposition
Renommee Par Ingalbert
Reproduction of Governor Hancock's Residence
Reproduction of Yucatan Ruins
Reptiles Preserved in Alcohol, New South Wales
Resting Place for West Virginians
Rhawn, W. H.
Rhode Island Apparatus
Rhode Island Coast, Whittredge
Rhode Island's Home
Ribbon Weaving Looms
Richard M. Hunt
Riehle Testing Machine
Riehle Testing Machinery
Ringing the Liberty Bell on Ohio Day
Robert A. Waller
Robert H. Thurston
Robinson, L. W.
Rochester Lamp Pavilion
Rocked in the Cradle of the Deep, Macallum
Rocky Mountain Sheep
Roll Call, Lady Butler
Roller Chair
Rolls of Asbestos Felting
Romeo and Juliet, Makovsky
Rookwood Pottery
Room In the Temple
Room with Oriental Furniture
Rose Garnets
Rostral Column, Surmounted by Statue of Neptune
Rotary Ploughs
Rounsevelle Wildman
Roy Wilkes, A famous American Stallion
Royal Prayer Book
Royal Worcester Pavilion
Royal Worcester Ware
Rubber Exhibit
Rue de Caire
Runaway Slave, Plaster Group by Beklemischeff
Rush Camp of North Carolina
Russian Bronze
Russian Chorus
Russian Fishing Nets
Russian Grain Exhibit
Russian Horse
Russian Horse and Rider
Russian Section
Russian Section
Russian Sleigh
Russian Tapestry
Russian Transport of mail by Men in Caucasus
S. Tegima, Japan
Sacred Cow- from the West Indies
Saddlery Hardware
Salmon, Eel, Land Shark
Sample of Street Sprinkler
Samples from Missouri
Samuels, J. M.
Samuels, J. M.
San Mated County Building
Sappho, By Adelaide Manan
Satin and Gold Mantel
Satin Bower Bird
Scene in Brittany
Scene in Norway
Scene on the Beach
Scene within the Japanese Garden
Scenes from the French Diorama
School Classes, Children's Building
School for Deaf and Dumb
Schwab, C. H., Member Council of Administration
Screen, Siam
Sculptured Serpent in Granite Block
Sea Birds and Wave, Delagroix
Seal of Baltimore
Seal of Land Office
Search Light Deck of "Illinois"
Search Light on Manufactures Building
Section Grand Basin, with Peristyle in the Background
Section Illinois Pavilion
Section of American Steamer
Section of California Exhibit
Section of California Tree
Section of Fisheries Building
Section of Frieze
Section of Machinery Section
Section of Mineral Cabinet
Section of Missouri Pavilion
Section of Pavilion Showing Berlin Royal Porcelain
Section of State Room "White Star" Line
Section of the Ethnological Department
Section of the Horticultural and Agricultural Building
Section of Wheel with Car
Sectional View of Agricultural Building
Sectional View of the Fair
Seeberger, A. F.
Seines and Nets
Self Clamping Paper Cutting Machine
Selim H.Peabody
Seller's Testing Machine
Settee in North Carolina Section
Sevres Ware
Sewing Machines
Shakesperian Casket
Shallow Oil Well Apparatus
Shankland, E. C.
Shepherd Boy
Shetland ponies from Iowa
Shield of Columbus
Showing Western Annex Fisheries Building
Shrine of St. Patrick's Tooth
Siam Paviloin
Siamese Exhibit
Siamese Pavilion1.2.
Sicily, Aman-Jean
Side view of the German Village
Side View of the Illinois Building
Sign of the Zodiac
Signal Service Station
Silver and Lead from Utah
Silver Bronzes and Gilt Ware
Silver Candelabra
Silver Exhibit1.2.
Silver Punch Bowl
Silver Statue of Columbus
Silver Tea Service
Silver Vase
Silver Ware1.2.
Sims Edison Fish Torpedo
Sioux Chieftains
Sir Henry Trueman Wood, Secretary of the British Commission
Site of Exposition
Sitting-Bull's Log Cabin
Skeleton of a Whale
Slabs from Australian Forests
Slaves in Costume, Curacoa
Sleep of Flowers. Taft
Sleeping Accomodations
Sleeping Car in White and Gold
Sluice Valves
Smith, A. L.
Smith, W. A.
Smithsonian Exhibit
Smithsonian Exhibit
Smoker's Articles
Smoking Car Vestibule Train
Smoothing and Polishing
Soap Bubbles
Soap with Windsor Castle Model
Soda Water Apparatus
Soluble Tablets
Some New Jersey Exhibits
Song of the Lark, Breton
Sophia G. Hayden
Soudanese Hut
South American Products
South Dakota Building
South Dakota Grains
South Dakota's Pavilion
South Front
South Front of Electricity Building
South Section of the Manufactures, with section of Peristyle
South SeIsland Girl
Southeast Corner Manufactures Building
Southeast End of the Wooded Island
Southwestern Zinc
Spanish Building
Spanish Flower Merchant
Spanish Section
Spanish wax Figures
Speaker's Stand, Assembly Room
Specimen Disks
Specimen Exhibit
Specimen of Domestic Ore
Specimen of Parlor Car
Specimen of Southdown Stock
Specimen Paintings, United States
Specimen Pony Cart
Specimens of Crown Milano Ware
Specimens of German Porcelain
Specimens of Gold and Silver Ore, Idaho Exhibit
Spinning Wheel
Spy, De Neuville
St. Joseph's Parlor
St. Lawrence Gate
St. Patrick's Bell
Stained Glass
Stained Window
Stand United States Colors
Starch Exhibit
State Street
State-Room of American Steamer
Station for Electric Launches
Statuary on Agriculture Building
Statuary on the Colonnade
Statuary Groups
Statuary of France
Statuary Transportation Building
Statuary, Administration Building
Statue Front of Agricultural Hall
Statue of Houston
Statue of the Republic
Stead, William T.
Steam Fire Engine
Steering Apparatus
Stephen J. Meeker
Still Hunt
Stork and Ant Eater, British Guiana
Stourbridge Lion, Baltimore and Ohio Historical Exhibit
Street Car Motor, Westinghouse Company
Street of Cairo
Street of Cairo
Strength, Administration Building
Studebaker, C.
Study in Plaster
Study of a Russian Peasant, Vos
Sugar Mill, Cuba
Suggestions of the Midway Plaisance
Suit of State Rooms
Suits for Russian Drivers
Sultan of Johore
Summer Evening, De Bock
Summer, Zorn
Sunflower Room
Surprised, Boks
Susan B. Anthony
Susan B. Anthony
Susanna before the Elders, Statue by A. W.Saabye
Sweden's Exhibit
Swedish Building
Swedish Glass Ware
Sweet Home, Israels
Swiss Music Boxes
Swiss Wood Carving
Swiss Wood Carving
Symbolical Group
Table Condiments
Table, Mexico
Tandem Compound Engine
Tanned Fish Skins, Russian Section
Tea House
Telephone Switchboard
Telescope Exhibit
Temperance Publishing Association
Temple of Carbons
Temple of Hooden, Japan
Temple of Luxor
Tennessee Two-year Old
Terra Cotta
Terra Cotta, British Section
Terra Cotta, Denmark
Texas Building
Thaw on the River Yssel, Apol
Theology. Karl Bitter. Administration Building
Thomas A Edison
Thomas B. Bryan
Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet
Thomas W. Higginson
Thomas W. Palmer
Thomson-Houston Mining Locomotive
Tiffany Diamond
Tiles from France
Tobacco Exhibit
Tonkin Colony Building
Total Solar Eclipse of April, 1893
Toward the East of the Plaisance
Tower of Insulators
Traction Engine, Canada1.2.
TRANSPORTATION - Venetian Gondola Station
Transportation Building from the Wooded Island
Transporting mail in Siberia by Dogs
Traveller Hoisting Engine
Trio of Clydesdales
Triple Expansion Engine
Trophy of French Car Wheels
Tunisian Violinist
Turk in Costume
Turkish Bazaar
Turkish Building
Turkish Carrier
Turkish Conveyance
Turkish Exhibits
Turkish Fabrics
Turkish House
Turkish Sultan's Silver Bed
Turkish Tapestries
Turkish Woman
Turners' Drill in Live-Stock Pavilion
Twin screw and Boiler of John Steven's Boat
Twist Drill Exhibit
Type of a Fisherman, Israels
Type Writers
Types of Russian Races
Type-Setting Machine
Typical American-Bred Stallion
Typical Exhibits of Artistic Furnishers
Typical Seed Exhibit
Under Dome Government Building1.2.
Under the Dome
Under the Dome, Horticultural Building,
Uniforms, War of 1812
United States Mint Exhibit
United States Section- Mexican and German Exhibits to the left
United States Vehicle and British Marine Divisions,sections of
University of City of New York
Upper Deck Street Car
Upper Porch
Upper Section of Arch
Used in the Kells Embroideries
Utah Building
Ute Woman
Valves and Pipes
Vaseline Exhibit
Vatican Collection
Venetian Boat in Lagoon
Venetian Gondola and Alaskan Boat
Vermont's Headquarters
Vertical Spindle Milling Machine
Vice-President Stevenson
Victoria House
View Across South Canal
View from Balcony of Woman's Building
View from Centre Gallery looking North
View from Gallery Manufactures Building
View from Gallery of Manufactures Building
View from the East toward the Art Building
View from the Loggia Fisheries Building
View from the Wooded Island
View from Transportation Building looking North
View from Wooded Island
View on the South Canal
Viking Ship Moored near "Illinois"
Vinnie Ream Hoxie
Vista from Wooded Island
Wagon Colored in Gold
Wagons for the City Department
Wales Exhibit
Wall of Board Room
Walnut Log from Kansas
Waltham Pavilion
War Engine "General"
Warlike Arab
Washington Building
Washington's Residence Reproduced
Water Filter
Water Pitcher and Goblets
Water Purifier, Belgium
Water Uncontrolled
Water, Science and Fire
Waterway in front of Art Palace
Watkin's Depression Range Finder
Weather Bureau and Life Saving Station
Weaving and Spinning
Weaving Glass Fabrics
Weaving Rooms
Welcome News
Wells, J. M.
Welsh Spinning
Wermuth, Adolph
West Entrance to Woman's Building
West Parlor of Massachusetts Building
West Parlor of the Empire State Building
West Section of Fern Mountain
West Side of Treasure Hill, view of
West Wing
Westinghouse Dynamo
Westinghouse Engine
Westinghouse Exhibit
Westinghouse Generator
Westinghouse Switches
Whaleback Steamer "Christopher Columbus"
Whaler "Progress"
Where the Visitors Register
White Horse Inn
White Star-Pavilion near Woman's Building
Wild Cats
Willow Ware in German Section
Windmill of Salt
Windmills South of Agriculture Building
Window Seat
Wine Exhibit, California
Wine Press Statue
Wine, Cape Colony
Wines of Italy
Wines of Portugal
Wiring Apparatus
Wisconsin Building
Wishing Chair
Woman's Building1.2.
Woman's Educatioal Exhibit
Woman's Library1.2.
Woman's Parlor, Maine Building
Woman's Parlor, with Mural and Floral Decorations
Women at Tomb
Women on the Seashore, Aublet
Wood Working Machinery
Wood and Dynamo
Wood Cutting Machinery
Wood Moulding Machinery
Wood Planing Machine
Wood Working Machinery
Wood Working Machinery
Wooded Island
Wooden Manufactures
Woodland Caribou
Wood's Dynamos
Wool in the Grease, Russia
Work by the Countess of Aberdeen
World's Fair London, 1851
World's Fair London, 1862
World's Fair Miscellany1.2.3.4.
World's Fair, Dublin, 1852
World's Fair, Melbourne, 1881
World's Fair, Munich, 1854
World's Fair, New Orleans, 1884
World's Fair, New York, 1853
World's Fair, Paris, 1855
World's Fair, Paris, 1867
World's Fair, Paris, 1878
World's Fair, Paris, 1889
World's Fair, Philadelphia, 1876
World's Fair, Sydney, 1879
World's Fair, Vienna, 1873
Worn Out, Braendekilde
Worthington Pump Exhibit
Worthington Steam Pumps
Wrought Iron Gates
Wyoming Railway and Iron
Yale University Exhibit
Yerington,J. A. , Nevada
Yerington, J. A., Nevada
Young Girls going to the Procession,Breton
Youth, Raphel Collins
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