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  916 - Chapter the Twenty-Fifth: Foreign Exhibits - Chapter Layout

Illustration(s): [1]A. Von Palitscheck-Palmforst, Austria [2]J. Perrenaud, Switzerland
[3]H. E. P. Gloukhovskoy, Russia [4]V. I. Shopoff, Bulgaria [5]George Birkhoff, Jr., Netherlands [6]D. Jannopoulo. Greece [7]Marquis Enrico Ungaro, Italy [8]A. Mackie, Monaco [9]A. B. King, Liberia [10]J. J. Quelch, British Guiana [11]E. R. Grobler, Orange Free State [12]Phra Suriya Nuvatr, Siam [13]Chung Kyung Won, Corea - Korea
[14]W. E. Rothery, Liberia

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