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  THE LAKE SHORE PROMENADE - The above magnificent panoramic view presents a phase of the Exposition environment which has not heretofore received attention in these pages. Looking southward from the low stone pavilion, an original feature of Jackson Park, but used as a State Structure by the Commonwealth of Iowa, one sees, first of all, standing out white and sharp against dark foliage, the fine structure built by the French Government, and farther on, keeping along the shore, many other well-known buildings erected by foreign nations, among them those of Germany and Great Britain, the latter standing at a point where the great pier makes into the lake. Behind it the observant reader catches a glimpse of the big battleship, and away across the open lake in the extreme background stands Music Hall. To the right rises the roof of the great Manufactures Building, flanked in the middle distance by the Government dome, and beyond by that of the Administration. Still farther to the right of the picture one can pick out the Art Palace, the beautiful edifice erected by Brazil, the Horticultural dome, and many objects of interest which will long dwell in memory. Yet it is possible that the mind will revert with most pleasure to the shore of the lake, with its broad wind-swept promenade, from which the view lakeward or landward, north or south, was equally inspiring, and every one will reflect with much satisfaction that this ideal breathing place upon which so much labor and money were lavished will remain a permanent improvement to the park.
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