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  CHINESE BEAUTY - The picture at the left is a photograph of the "Display of China" in the International Dress and Costume Exhibit, or World's Congress of Beauties, on Midway Plaisance. It is not know whether Mr. Knox and Mr. Hyde, the promoters of the Beauty Show, chose this lady, or engaged experts from the Flowery Kingdom to feast their eyes on the loveliness of Asia and select the fairest; but it is certain that the little person took small interest in the business, for she was often seen fast asleep in her chair, oblivious of the indifference with which the male generation of Caucasians passed her on their way to Fatma's Sultanic bower at the north end of the room.

CHINESE FEMALE IMPERSONATOR - Although there were many female actors in the Chinese Theatre, it still remains that the stage of China, like our own negro minstrel boards, retains the influences of a time when the histrionic art was in so low esteem that women were not allowed to take part as actors. The man photographed at the [right] impersonated a woman in the gong-pounding play of "God in Heaven," at the Midway Temple, and by the shaking of the flaps on his cap, and the imitation of the shrill Chinese female voice, drove sorrow away from its customary haunts in the laundries of South Clark street. The music of the Chinese, however, hurled them into bankruptcy.
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