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  WESTERN ENTRANCE OF MIDWAY PLAISANCE - The scene shows the Plaisance before the Captive Balloon was torn by the gale and collapsed in the financial panic. This Midway entrance was one mile west of Jackson Park. Here, every one of the "concessions," or private entertainments, lay before the visitors, and a line of ejaculatory "recommenders" saluted them in all languages, imploring them to come in and see their "attraction." After the collapse of the Captive Balloon the Exposition itself gave public acrobatic exhibitions at this end, where tens of thousands might freely behold acts on the trapeze and cross-bars. On the right is Old Vienna, an ingenious construction of houses with an inner court, where the visitor might imagine himself in the ancient quarters of the Austrian capital. In this manner a "Street in Constantinople" was copied on a German pattern, with the important improvement of a fine orchestral band which, during warm summer evenings made beautiful music for hearers who quenched their thirst and increased their enthusiasm with potations of beer and wine. It was into this nook that the daring young adventurer boxed and shipped himself C. O. D. by express, only to secure arrest for entering the grounds without a ticket - and all this after a railroad journey as common freight for one thousand miles. At the left may be seen the sharp architecture of the Chinese Theatre, which went into a receiver's hands. At the center of the great street stands the Ferris Wheel, always visible for many miles.
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