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  THE EMERGENCY CREW - The engraving shows the prize boat F. D. Millet, manned by the celebrated Emergency Crew, which was the latest addition to the Color Department, and performed many heroic deeds during the latter months of the Fair, especially after the institution of nocturnal parades, swimming contests, and fireworks. On one occasion a raft on which the pyrotechnists were at work broke from its moorings and put to sea in a gale. Three helpless men were then rescued from a situation that was regarded as one of extreme peril; and on other days and nights work that was both noble and daring was assigned and accredited to them. The crew was composed of able seamen, and besides Jimmy Hunt, the Captain, reckoned in its numbers Jerry Burns, Pat Welch, George Maloney, James Gallagher, Harry Hill, John Smith, Jack Wanhope, Tom Eckelston, James Scott, and Charles McCarthy. There were skilled climbers and swimmers, provided with life buoys, tarpaulins, ropes, and ladders, and were ready at call to climb to the highest point on the grounds, or to jump into the lagoon, which they patrolled at night. They were drilled in fire duty, and worked with great enthusiasm. The boat in which they appear was named in honor of the painter Millet, who, after performing good work in his art, acted as Chief of the Color Department, and in the end took charge of the outdoor amusements.
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