Chicago and the World's Fair, Paul V. Galvin 
Digital History Collection

By Julian Ralph
New York: Harper & Brother's Publishers, 1893


Administration Building
Administration Building
Agricultural Building - (Construction)
Algerian Village, Midway Plaisance
Allen, G. W., New York, Vice-president
Andrews, A. B., North Carolina, Vice-president
Aquarium and North Entrance to the Fisheries Building
Architectural Bits at the World's Fair
Art Gallery, View from
Ashley, Mrs. Susan Riley
Atwood, Charles B., Designer-in-Chief
Baker, W. T.
British Building
Building from Wooded Island - (Construction)
Burnham, D. H., Chief of Construction
Butterworth, Hon. Benjamin
California State Building
Colorado State Building
Convent of La Rabida, Spain
Davis, Col. G. R.
De Young, H. M., California, Vice-president
Dickinson, John T., Texas, Secretary
Eagle, Mrs. Mary Kavanaugh (Little Rock, Arkansas)
Electrical Building
"Fine Arts"
Franklin Statue for the Roof of the Electrical Building
Figure of "Fire" for Machinery Hall - (Construction)
Fisheries Building -
Fisheries Building-Government Building-Liberal Arts Building - (Construction)
Georgia Building
German Government Building
Golden Doorway - Main Entrance to Transportation Building
Government Building
Government Building
Grand Court
Handy, Moses P.
Henrotin, Mrs. Charles
Horticultural Building
Horticultural Building, Placing Exterior Decorations on the - (Construction)
Hutchinson, Charles L.
Ives, Halsey C.
Kavanaugh, Mrs. Mary
Labna - Portal from Court
Liberal Arts Building-Electricity Building-Mines & Mining Building - (Construction)
Liberal Arts Building - Electricity Building - Mines & Mining Building
Machinery Building
MacMonnies Fountain
Maine State Building
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building
Manufactures Building, Interior of - Showing Base of One of the Great Arches - (Construction)
Making one of the Big Figures for Electricity Building - (Construction)
Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building, Constructing. View from Lake Front - (Construction)
Massachusetts State Building
McCandless, Miss Mary E.
Minnesota Building
Mining Building
Model Man-of-War (The Government Exhibit at the Columbian Exposition)
Model for Live-Stock Entrance - [2]
New York Building
North Dakota State Building
Ohio Building
Palmer, Mrs. Potter, President of the Board of Lady Managers of the Columbian Exposition
Palmer, Thomas W.
Pediment, Agricultural Building - Forestry Building
Penn, D. B., Louisiana, Vice-president
Pennsylvania Building
Queen Isabella Pavilion
Ryan, Mrs. Rosine
Sculptor's Studio
Seeberger, Anthony F.
Shepard, Mrs. Frances Welles
Statue of the Republic
Transportation Building
View Looking through the Lagoon
Waller, Thomas M., Connecticut, Vice-president
Washington State Building
Wisconsin State Building
Woman's Building
Workers in Staff
Wyoming State Building - General View of the Fair

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