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  Administration Building, East Front
Administration Building, Entrance to
Administration Plaza
Administration Plaza Chicago Day
Agricultural Building
Agricultural Building from the Shores of the Grand Basin
Agricultural Building, North Entrance to
Agricultural Hall, Columbian Exposition, 1893
Algerian and Tunisian Village
Allis-Corliss Engine, The Great
Angel of the Resurrection
Arab Warrior
Art Palace from the Shores of the North Lagoon
Austrian Glass
Austrian Section
Baroness Burdett- Coutts, Countess Di Brazza
Beef Extract
Belgian Section
Bird's Eye View
Boiler House, Largest in the World
Brazilian Building from the North Pond
British Silver Ware, Collection of
Buckeye Engine Company
Bulgarian Girl
California Building
California Building, Sectional Views in
Canadian Section, Portion of the
Caravel Santa Maria
Ceylonese Pavilion
Children's Building, Interior
China Ware and Lanterns, Japan
Christ in the House of Lazarus
Church Interior
Cold Storage Building, Burning of the
Columbus Arch, Peristyle
Congress of Beauty
Cotton Machinery
Court of Honor, Illumination of the
Duchess De Veragua, Lady Aberdeen, Mrs. John J Bagley
Dutch Kitchen, Massachusetts Building
East Lagoon, Looking up the
Edison Electric Tower
Electricity Building, North Front
Engine and Dynamo
Engine, Triple Expansion
Feast in the Doge's Palace
Ferris Wheel
Fisheries and Foreign Building
Fisheries and Foreign Buildings from the bank of the Lagoon
Fisheries Building, Architectural Details of the
Fisheries Building, from the Wooded Island
Fisheries Building, View from the Loggia
Fountain and Basin North of the German Building
Franklin Statue
French Building, Northern Front of the
French Red Cross Exhibit
French Salon
General View along the West Lagoon
German Building
German Castle
German Porcelain and Ceramic Decorations
German Village, Outside the Walls of the
Glass, American Cut
Golden Door, Transportation Building
Government Building from Shores of Wooded Island
Government Building, Interior
Grand Basin and Court of Honor
Grand Basin from Administration Tower
Grand Basin toward Agricultural Building, Looking Across the
Ground Plan Columbian Exposition
Ground Plan Columbian Exposition, Key
Guarding the Secret of the Tomb
Herald at Arms
Horticultural Building, Under the Dome
Horticultural Building from Southeast Corner
Horticultural Building, East Entrance
Horticultural Hall, From the Gould Conservatory
Hunter's Cabin
Illinois Building from the North Lagoon
Illinois Building, Side View of the
In the Docks, Jansen
Italian Laces
Italian Section
Javanese Village
Lady Manager's Colonial Exhibit, Government Building
Lady Manager's Colonial Exhibit, Government Building
Landing in front of the Art Palace
Landscape with Cattle, De Haas
Laughing Girl
Lion Fountain and Obelisk, Grand Basin
Los Naufragos
Los Pescadores Pescados
Louis XV Furniture, Pavilion Showing
Machinery Building, Entrance
Machinery Hall as seen from the Obelisk Court
MacMonnies Fountain, Main Design of the
Manufactures and Government Buildings from the Lagoon
Manufactures and Liberal Arts, Palace of
Manufactures Building, Main Entrance French Section
Massachusetts Building, West Parlor of
Mechanic Arts, Palace of
Midway Plaisance from the Ferris Wheel
Mills Near Rotterdam, Roelofs
Mining Building, North Front
Mining, General View Department of
Miscellaneous Exhibits in the Galleries
MME Dupuy De Lome, Mrs Ralph Trautmann
Model Machine Shop
Mrs Fransis B Clark, Mrs French Sheldon,
Mrs President Diaz
Mussulman Chief
Naval Review, New York Harbor
New York Bldg, Another View of Main Entrance
New York Bldg, Principal Entrance, showing Barberini Lions
New York State Building, Main Front of the
North Canal, Looking up the
Norway Section
Ohio's Temple
On the Sea Coast
Palace of Fine Arts, Approach to the
Pennsylvania Railroad Company's Exhibit
Pennsylvania, Exposition Headquarters of the Keystone State
Plaisance, Toward the East of the
Ploughing the Fields, Mauve
Princess Shahovsky, Mrs. Benjamin Williamson
Royal Worcester Pavilion
Royal Worcester Ware
Russian Section
Russian Section
Sevres Ware
Shakesperian Casket
Silver Statue of Columbus
South Canal, View Across
South Section of the Manufactures, with section of Peristyle
Spanish Building
Spanish Building, Interior of the
Spanish Flower Merchant
State Buildings West of Art Palace, Group of
Summer Evening, De Bock
Swedish Building
Swiss Music Boxes
Swiss Wood Carving
Telescope, The Largest in the World
Terra Cotta, Denmark
The Fall of the River Vecht, Bastert
The Harp of Brian Boroihme
The Last of the Spartans
The Northeast Corner
Transportation Building from the Wooded Island
Transportation Building looking North, View from
Turkish Bazaar
Turkish Mosque, Interior
Typical Exhibits of Artistic Furnishers
Universities, Exhibits from
Victoria House
Welcome News
Woman's Building, West Entrance to
Wood Cutting Machinery
Wooded Island, Along the Southern Shores of the
Wooded Island, Looking North from the
Wooded Island, View from the
World's Columbian Exposition, Bird's Eye View
World's Fair, Paris, 1889
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