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Agrasot & Jouquin, Juan To the Health of the Bride
Alma-Tadema, Laurens A Reading From Homer
Ando, Chiutato Cherry Flower Sight-Seers
Apolloni, A. American Mythology
Bernardelli, Henrique Mother
Beavis, Richard Stampede in the Highlands
Block, Jos. In the Twighlight
Blommers, B. J. Shrimping at Scheveningen
Bohrdt, Hans Hamburg Pilots
Boldini, G. Portrait of a Girl
Bosboom, J. Church Interior
Bredt, Fred. Max Two Gazelles
Brocos, M. Manioc
Bulleid, George L. The Custodian
Carbonero, Jose Moreno Gil Blas
Charles, James Left in Charge
Charlemont, E. Artist in Studio
Chikdo, Kishi Fight of Kite and Crow
Corrodi, H. The Convent of St. Lazaro
Dall 'Oca Bianca, A. The Quadrille
Da Molin, Oreste The Ill-Fed
Defregger, Franz Von "God Bless You!"
Deutsch, Ludwig The Holy Gate, Cairo
Elgood, George A. Sunflowers
Falat, J. Bear-Hunting
Fleischer, Fritz Old Wife and Dogs
Frampton, G. Caprice
Gandrias Y Plangan, J. De Fortune
Gaujean, Eugene Abandoned
Golofre Y Oller, Francisco A Public Whipping
Gotch, T. C. "My Crown and Sceptre"
Halm, P. Etching
Hasselberg, Per. The Frog
Henkes, Gerke The Knitting School
Herbo, Leon Souvenir of Italy
Hermuth, Mrs. Margarethe China Asters
Herter, E. In the Depth of the Sea
Hidalgo, F. Resurreccion Twighlight
Hoecker, Paul "On Board "Deutschland"
Hopkins, Arthur Springtime
Horsley, John Callicott Hide and Seek
Huisken, Herm. My Pet Dog
Imao, Keinen Monkey Running from Eagle
Israels, Josef Alone in the World
Jacomb-Hood, G. P. Summer
Jara, Jose Episode of the City of Mexico
Kawada, Shibataro Hotei with a Child
Kikchi, Hobun Herons
Koner, Max H. M. Emperoror William II
Larsen, Mimmi Before the Communion
Larsson, Carl My Family
Lebiedzki, Eduard The Kiss
Leighton, Sir Frederick The Garden of Hesperides
Liljefors, Bruno Foxes
Liljefors, Bruno Hawk's Nest
Lister, Lister W. Stonehenge, New England
Lucas, Seymour Louis XI
Lybaert, Th. Mother of Sorrows
MacWhirter, John Corrie, Isle of Arran
Mahoney, F. P. "As in the Days of Old"
McKnowles, F. Perce Fishermen
Muller-Kurzwelly, K. Winter Landscape
Norman, Adelsten Narofjord
Osterlind, Allan The Orphans
Parker, John Cockle Gatherers
Pausinger, Franz Von Late Autumn
Perugini, Kate Tomboy
Pettenkoffen, Aug. Von Market
Pettie, Sir John Monmouth before James II
Pina Y Munoz, M. Art in the Country
Poggenbeek, George Between Two Dykes
Prince Eugene, of Sweden Autumn Day
Prinsep, Val. C. The Broken Idol
Reid, G. A. Foreclosure of the Mortgage
Reid, G. A. Visit of the Clockmaker
Rocholl, Th. First Catch a Man
Saltzmann, Carl On Board "Duncan Grey"
Sant, James Oliver Twist
Santaro, R. In the Bay of Naples
Schmalz, Herbert Christiana ad leones
Schmid, Julius "Suffer Little Children"
Schwaiger, Hans Bohemian Peasant Woman
Schwaiger, Hans Bohemian Peasant
Shredsvig, Christian The Son of Man
Simm, Franz A Duet
Slingeneyer, Ernest Episode of an Inundation
Sorolla, Joaquin Another Marguerite
Stone, Marcus The Gambler's Wife
Takeuchi, Kyuichi A Mythological Personage
Tapiro, Jose A Moorish Bridegroom
Ter Meulen, F. P. A Sandy Road 67
Tzulzawa, Tanshin Lady of Old Chinese Court
Thorycroft, H. Teucer
Topham, Frank W. W. Naaman's Wife
Tuxen, Laurits Susanna at the Bath
Van Beers, Jan Careless
Van Leemputten, Franz The Return
Von Den Bos, Georges Gage of Love
Wallander, Alf. The Poulterers
Watts, G. F. Love and Life
Weguelin, J. R. The Maidens' Race
Weingartner, Pedro By Oblique Lines
Weingartner, Pedro A Country Ball
Werner, von A. The Congress of Berlin, 1878
West Court Japanese Section
Zorn, Anders L. The Omnibus

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