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Abundance, Agricultural - Philip Martiny, Sculptor
Administration, France Lake Front
Arkansas State Building
Art Gallery North Entrance
Australasia Administration Building
Bridge of the Water-Gate Columbus Portico
California State Building
Canada Administration Building
Capital of Column, Fisheries Drawn by Lacker
Caravel Drawn by Lacker
Casino Drawn by E. J. Meeker
Cock Bas-relief by L. Bonet
Colorado State Building
Colorado and Maryland Drawn by Fraipont
Connecticut State Building
Cornice, Agricultural Drawn by Stein
Court of Honor From Manufactures Building
Delaware State Building
East Porch, Horticultural Drawn by A. Slom
Fine Arts Karl Bitter, Sculptor xliii
Fire Controlled Karl Bitter, Sculptor
Fisheries Building Drawn by Stein
Florida State Building Drawn by Geo. W. Breck
Genius of Discovery Columbus Portico xliii
Government Building Drawn by Gorguet
Grounds in Summer of 1891 Drawn by Lacker
Idaho State Building
Illinois State Building
Indiana State Building
Iowa State Buiding
Kansas State Building
Kentucky State Building
Lagoon From the Woman's Building
Looking Northeast From top U. S. Government
Louisiana State Building
Maine State Building
Main Entrance of Fisheries Drawn by Slom
Maryland State Building
Massachusetts State Building
Michigan State Building
Mining and Electricity Drawn by Gorguet
Minnesota State Building
Missouri State Building
Montana State Building
Nebraska State Building
New Hampshire State Building
New Jersey State Buiding
New York State Building
North Dakota State Building
Ohio State Building
Outrider of the Quadriga Drawn by Lacker
Panel Figures, Agricultural By Geo. W. Maynard
Pavilion, Golden Door Drawn by Montader
Peace Karl Bitter, Sculptor
Pediment, Agricultural Drawn by Lacker
Pennsylvania State Building
Plenty By French and Potter xliv
Porch, Transportation Drawn by Gorguet
Quadriga By French and Potter
Rhode Island State Building
Rostral Column Drawn by G. W. Breck
Ruins of Uxmal Yucatan
Sea-Horses Frederick MacMonnies
Smithsonian Exhibit Medicine Man
South Dakota State Building
Sphinx From Nature
Statue of the Republic By French and Potter Title
Strength Karl Bitter, Sculptor
Sweden Administration Pavilion
Territorial Building From Southwest
Texas State Building
The Art Gallery From the Southwest
The Grand Court of Honor Drawn by E. Ertz
The Horoscope Philip Martiny, Sculptor
The White Ship Drawn by Gorguet
The Woman's Building From the Southeast
Towers, Iowa Building Drawn by Meeker
Towers, Machinery Hall Drawn by Montader
Utah State Building
Vermont State Building
Victory Karl Bitter, Sculptor
Virginia State Building
Washington State Building
West Virginia State Building
Wisconsin State Building
Woman's Building Interior
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