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National Manufacture of the Gobelins
Woven by E. Marie (1889-1893)
After the Painting by F. Ehrmann


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"This is one of a pair of companion panels in tapestry exhibited by the Gobelins manufactory in the French section of the great building of Manufactures and the Liberal Arts. Both of these were executed from the designs of the painter, Francois Ehrmann, who has furnished this great art establishment with many of its most admirable compositions. This one was woven by E. Marie, and personifies the printers' art by the figure of a young woman who has just "pulled" a proof on her hand press and holds it aloft in triumph so that we may read, - et la lumiere fut, "and there was light." At her feet may be seen some of the implements of her trade, and beyond, between two interesting Renaissance arches, the blue sky and a laurel tree. The border of this work is a graceful, conventional design of arabesques and medallions, and at the bottom appear the signatures of the painter and the tapestry worker."

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