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Painted by Felicien De Myrbach for "Art and Architecture."

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"The name of this very clever artist first became known in this country by the series of brilliant little illustrations scattered through the pages and on the margins of the famous "Tartarin" romances of Daudet. The most concise and spirited of these small scenes were signed by Rossi and Myrbach, and it is the latter of these who has painted the sunny little color study here reproduced in photogravure in colors, and of which the famous "Golden Door" of the Transportation Building furnishes the theme. This beautiful Romanesque archway, covered with intricate and decorative mouldings, flanked and surmounted by bolder reliefs representing primitive and modern methods of travel, and apparently built of the solid metal, will be appreciatively remembered by every visitor to the Exposition." - Art & Architecture (The White City Edition)

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