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National Manufacture of the Gobelins
Woven by Michel (1888-1892) After the Painting by F. Ehrmann


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"This is one of a pair of companion panels in tapestry exhibited by the Gobelins manufactory in the French section in the great Manufactures Buildings, both of them from the designs of the painter, Francois Ehrmann, and the present one executed in tapestry by M. Michel. The beautiful mediaeval art of illuminating is here personified by a graceful Muse, draped in yellow and blue, who stands meditatively, with one knee on the lower seat of a high reading desk on which she has placed the folio on which she is at work. In the distance may be seen the Gothic arches and blue sky of a grat open court. The border is composed of handsome arabesques and medallions, in the Renaissance manner, and the work is signed by both the painter and the tapestry weaver. In general design and color this is considered to be one of the masterpieces of the Gobelins work." Art & Architecture (The White City Edition)

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