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"The Horticultural Building before which this pleasant party are seated on the grass, is one of the largest and most important of the buildings at Jackson Park away from the great plaza or court of honor. Its huge dome, seen rising high against the sky in this picture, is one of the most prominent objects on the Exposition grounds, being 187 feet in diameter and 113 feet high. The plan of this edifice is a central pavilion with two end pavilions, each connected with the central pavilion by front and rear curtains. The dimensions of the whole are 250 by 998 feet, with eight greenhouses, 24 by 100 feet each. The architect was Mr. W. L. B. Jenney of Chicago. The central entrance, shown at the right of this picture, in front of the great dome, faces eastward, on the lagoon, with a circular fountain in front." - Art & Architecture (The White City Edition)

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