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National Manufacture of Sevres
Form Designed by Bienville; Painted Under Glaze, Background of Sea Green
Decorated With Flowers and Ornaments in Poly-Chrome Enamel and Gold,
By Lambert, 1893


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"This magnificent example of Sevres ware, the largest piece ever produced, and the manufacture of which has only been rendered possible by the latest perfected processes of ceramics, is the principal object in the exhibit of this manufactory in the French section of the Manufactures and Liberal Arts Building. It is officially described as painted under glaze, sea-green background, the decorations of flowers and ornaments in polychrome enamel, heightened with gold, executed by Lambert in 1892, the form designed by M. Bienville. The vase, which is named after the historical city of Rennes, is 150 centimetres in height, and was placed at the disposal of the publisher of this work by M. Baumgart, Director of the National Manufacture of Sevres. The exclusive right to reproduce this object, and also the right to reproduce several other novel and beautiful objets d'art, were also assigned to the publisher by the Director." - Art & Architecture (The White City Edition)

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